Kombo E3 2008: The Conduit Hands-On

Jonathan Hechema writes:

"I can't begin this section without stating the obvious: holy crap, does this game look good. Hands down, The Conduit has to be the sharpest looking Wii game I've ever seen. Screenshots just don't do it justice – you have to see it in motion. At one point, High Voltage stated that they wanted to make a game on the Wii that looked like one on the 360, and they've definitely achieved that goal."

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games4fun3798d ago

overexagerrating, looks like an upper tear xbox1 game or one of the really bad looking 1st gen 360 games, anything more is wishful thinking because you want to feel like the wii can do better when you know it cant.

This is coming from someone who is pro ps3 and would have no qualms making fun of the 360 but this is just proving the wii is probably being tapped out and tbh i wouldnt be surprised if they sacrificed alot of stuff to make this game get the graphics upgrade it is trying to achieve

Maxned3798d ago

did you even read the article, or are you just here to be a complete prejudiced douchebag? He clearly said that SCREENSHOTS ARE MISREPRESENTATIVE OF THE ACTUAL GRAPHICS.

TruthbeTold3798d ago after site raves about the graphics and gives similar praise. Especially after E3, when there were alot of hands-on experiences. Face it, games that max out the capability of 480p look pretty damned good. A highly polished, thoroughly tweaked Wii game is capable of looking somewhat like an average/decent looking game on the other systems. Remember, many Xbox 360 and PS3 games aren't even 720p, but they still look amazing. The only reason that the reality of this game's look would be a threat or a bad thing to someone is if they are a hater or irrational fanboy extremist. Get over it. As a gamer, you should be excited about this game.

felidae3798d ago

eeehm. this game does look like an xbox 1 game but nothing more.