Witcher 3 Downgrade - scoring based on PC-test version


"We finally get 3 for PC The Witcher in hands. In our video clarifies hardware editor Nils Raettig how strong the contrast to previous trailers fails."

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TedCruzsTaint1306d ago

I expect this sort of thing from Ubisoft, or any of the larger publishers, really.
The last company I expected this from was CD Projekt. They have consumer good will, and the way they look at games in today's market is something others should aspire to.
That said, it does not excuse them well they pull anti-consumer crap like this themselves.

It all makes sense now way PC review code was only made available extremely close to launch.

OrangePowerz1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

I wouldn't call it anti-consumer. Things change over time. The gameplay was shown when? 3 years before release? The game would have run on a tiny amount of PCs in the original form. Makibg a game that barely anybody can run properly doesn't make any sense.

Everybody behaves like the game looks horrible, it's still a very good looking game.

Also Gamestar was always a horrible magazine.

TedCruzsTaint1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

They did absolutely nothing to inform people that the visual fidelity they originally showed for the title had to be drawn back during development.
They went so far as to outwardly say that there had been nothing in the way of compromise when it came to the PC version.
They are now even hiding the original PC vs PS4 comparisons, knowing that they are deceptive of the final product.

They tuned down the game by a fair amount, and did everything in their power to hide it. They deserve just as much negativity as Ubisoft received for Watch Dogs.

xPhearR3dx1306d ago

I said it once, and I'll say it again. To me, it looks like nothing more than a huge change in color pallet and some lighting. The original footage shown was much darker, where the final game is much more vibrant.

This can easily be fixed with mods and or SweetFX. If you don't believe me, look up SweetFX. There's some files that make the game look dramatically different.

1nsomniac1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

They actually released a public statement last month or month before stating "There has absolutely, 100%, been NO downgrade"

They lied to consumers to sell their product. I would call that pretty anti-consumer. They also released a statement saying "Just wait until you see what it looks like on a PC with Ultra settings. It's pretty amazing"

This has to stop. Exactly how much longer are we going to allow developers & corporations to lie to their customers in order to sell falsified products without any repercussions.

We don't complain now because we're called whiners. What happens when they bring the TTIP in & this behaviour is excepted by all corporations in all industries & we are legally bound to accept it because no one gave a damn before so why should they once it's forced on them... Stupidity & ignorance will be our own downfall.

OrangePowerz1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )


So they didn't release any gameplay videos afterwards that showed that there was a visual changed? I find it very interesting that now suddenly people complain when there had been plenty of gameplay videos in the past that showed how the game looks now.

Just wait till a few days before Batman comes out and people will start with "it's downgraded" and I predict that will be done now for every game and calling the devs deceptive or that they just want to steal your money and lie to you.


To my recollection they said the console version was not downgraded.

Let me ask you something. How can they sell you a false product when you can see yourself how it looks well ahead of release? You could look at gameplay videos that are representative of the final product since months.

Imalwaysright1305d ago

@ xPhearR3dx

"I said it once, and I'll say it again. To me, it looks like nothing more than a huge change in color pallet and some lighting"

Yeah... no!

kraenk121305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Gamestar actually is one of the most respected magazines I know worldwide. Their staff actually consists of old dogs in gaming journalism not those hipster wannabe's as on many other sites.

fiveby91305d ago

At issue here too is the semantics of what is a 'downgrade' in the public's eyes versus that of the corporation. Undoubtedly, the company will call such changes 'optimizations'. Which on the surface is true. But an optimization can also be a downgrade. I feel I need to see objective based comparison of visuals and a chronology of CDPR's statements regarding visuals before I feel I have an fully informed viewpoint. However, I can understand the skepticism of gamers when they feel they are spoon-fed actual visuals and marketing speak leading up to the game and then a company potentially and with forethought may have 'adjusted' (ahem) visuals which seemingly downgrade the experience. The company may balk at the term 'downgrade' but they know exactly what is meant by the consuming public. In this case, an alteration of the game such as textures, lighting, resolution, framerate, etc, which is of lower visual quality than what was previously shown and stated leading up to the game's release. I am still looking forward to playing the game and will give CDPR the benefit of the doubt for the time being. Lastly, as both a PC and PS4 owner, I will be playing on pc . I surely hope that any justification for a 'downgrade' if true, was not done to lessen any quality differential between console and pc. Keeping my fingers crossed that there is nothing to this but I am wary.

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Rookie_Monster1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

Wasn't there an article here recently defending the Witcher 3 downgrade and bashing people's complaints as misleading?
The Witch Hunt for “Downgrades” Is Often Misleading and Always Obnoxious

Looks pretty convincing that the downgrade is real here. Pretty unfortunate as I would love CD project to go all out and deliver a game that has it's initial visual vision.

Imalwaysright1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Read the title and knew it was a dualshockers article even before clicking the link you provided.

OT the downgrade is real and is disappointing because CDPR were known for pushing the limits of what could be done in terms of graphical fidelity. Having said that, I'm sure that CDPR will deliver in the story and gameplay departments and I can't wait to finally play TW3 and finish Geralt's story.

Dynasty20211306d ago

They had to downgrade because the consoles couldn't cope, and they didn't have the time or the money to work on a PC and a console version, no doubt due to deals struck with MS and Sony.

So yet again, consoles ruin another PC series.

Rookie_Monster1306d ago

Agreed, very unfortunate as Crysis still remains the standard of what a game made for PC without any compromise will look like.

NuggetsOfGod1306d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Fun Fact: Consoles and Ebola are the same thing.

This was under a snapple cap.

mmmmm apple.

My hope for cyberpunk 2077? A futuristic game held back by apus made for elmo toys.

This will cheer u up mate.

OrangePowerz1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Do you have any idea about the PC setup the average PC gamer has? The PC master race with their high powered rigs are a small minority, but sure let's make games that only run on those because that will cover the development costs.


How many years did it take again until normal PC gamers could play the game the way it was intended to be played?

someOnecalled1305d ago

i guess your new to this but future proofing is a good thing and the witcher always future proof and pushed boundaries i guess this is your first game from the. it not our thats why we are pissed. we are the ones that supported them and the sold out and gimped the pc version.

MaximusTKG1305d ago


I just can't see how this issue ruined an entire,and entirely awesome, series. That doesn't compute. Anywhere. Ever.

OrangePowerz1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )


I played the previous 2 games and while they looked good the games could run on PCs that had been decent at that time.

And unlike the myriad of "armchair developers" here I actually know stuff about it.

Death1305d ago


So you are saying PC gamers are now a minority and shouldn't have games made that target their systems performance? It sounds like you want to punish those that can afford a better gaming system than you.

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TrollsBringer1305d ago

I hate to say it, but every developer nowadays want to port their games to consoles or go multiplatform will pull crap like this.

frelyler1305d ago

Calm down, they owe you nothing and you obviously don't know a lot about CDProject Red. They have released their previous games on PC, included free dlc with those ggames and then gave users a free copy of the enhanced edition BC they are constantly working to make their games better. They have given more to their customers than any other company I know. Also, we saw the game three years ago. Nowadays we are seeing game earlier and earlier. Days past those builds would have been used to get distribution and funding and never would have reached consumers. We see things so much earlier nowadays and that's our fault. My point, shut the hell up because you sound ridiculous and like a little child.

SynGamer1305d ago

I don't understand why people freak out when a game changes, albeit slightly, between development and release. The game still looks freaking great on PC and makes me wish I have a rig that could handle it on max.

That being said, up to release, everything we see is ALWAYS work-in-progress (WIP) and "subject to change".

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classic191306d ago

I think its perfectly fine to downgrade PC games because most of them will bootleg the game any damn way.. That's said in sure the game looks hella good on PC.

TedCruzsTaint1306d ago

The ignorance in this post is astounding.

reynod1306d ago

Be prepared for 600usd consoles next gen then. Dont expect PC gamers to fund the next round of tech.

Debaitable1306d ago

I have 275 games on my steam account. A lot at discounted price but I definitely still buy at full price if I find the game is worth that price tag.

classic191305d ago

My point is that devs spend all this money on a game and probably 40% out of the 100% that actually buys it. This is why PC only games made its way to console for the money.. Also this is why they keep sayin stay with us guys buy are game, that's to the PC crowd.. I'm not saying all the PC dudes bootleg I was simply saying majority do..

someOnecalled1305d ago

"My point is that devs spend all this money on a game and probably 40% out of the 100% that actually buys it."

lmao this guys an idiot. who is the 100%. this is why you cant talk to console fanboys.

_-EDMIX-_1305d ago

I agree....that person is ignorant, but your no more ignorant generalizing them as a "console fanboy".

@Classic- Not every PC gamer bootlegs games. And if this publisher seeked to work on many systems due to money, I don't think it was due to PC's "bootleg" issues. Its due to the size and scope of the game, they can't just ignore 2 other systems, they must justify the development cost of such a grand game. Even if PC didn't have a um.."bootleg" issue, this game would still be multiplatform.

" 40% out of the 100% " .....I can't stop laughing at this...I don't even know what that actually means, when was 100% of gamers buying this game? Do you mean 100% of the folks that wanted it on PC?

I mean...I rarely buy full price PC titles besides Battlefield or Elder Scrolls, most times I just get them later on boxed copies on Amazon or off of Steam or GoGs.

Those that would steal...would always steal it regardless of a "downgrade". Mind you...that um.."bootleg" concept doesn't just exclusively exist with PC gamers.

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methegreatone1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

The water and reflections

Right now that's the only thing I care about.
Holy shit the water has been downgraded xD Look at end of the video. Like everything else, they just ramp up the colour factor to 11 to hide it, make it deep blue and green, and reduce everything else.

Also, was unsure about this before, but now we can confirm - no more screenspace reflections. Basically no good looking reflections anymore, especially in swamps. Puddles don't have them either. Main water bodies have some form of reflection that seems sufficient.