Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: Ubisoft & Their Lack of Innovation

ASidCast, "Ubisoft had my good will for the most part, till now anyway. Syndicate, honestly, seems like the same old Assassin's Creed all over again whereas Ubisoft themselves would love to say how the next game in their franchise is going to be a game changer but let's face it, it's not."

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0nespark1309d ago

Agreed. Syndicate is basically Unity 1.5

Viryu1309d ago

Well, since it removed multiplayer (which felt bad in Unity anyway), and a lot of other things, I'd say you should extract that .5 and say Unity 1.

iamnsuperman1309d ago

You know what it is okay to borrow elements from other games if it makes their game better. Complaining about a rope launcher being similar to the one seen in Arkham City or the swappable characters being seen in other games before isn't really an issue at all. These types of things are a positive thing to see as it shows Ubisoft are trying to expand and improve on the series. That is as long as it works

This doesn't mean I am excited for the next AC. I am not excited because I know how the story will pan out. Ubisoft need to prove to me that they are taking the story telling seriously this time around.

0nespark1309d ago

In the beginning of the article I mentioned how improving on mechanics after borrowing them or stealing them (whichever word you prefer) from other games is actually a good thing but Ubisoft for the most part at this point is basically shoe horning features in just for the sake of putting said features into the game. Character swapping isn't available inside missions and only in freeroam and each mission you'll have to play only via one character for example. It's not improving on a mechanic, it's downgrading a mechanic if anything...

DragonKnight1309d ago

Are you serious? So rather than thinking "hmm, you can swap characters in this game? Cool, you couldn't do that before" you're thinking "You can only swap characters in this game at this time? Pfff, Ubisoft don't know how to innovate to save their life."

Geez, people like you bring a new definition to the term jaded. I bet you loved Shadow of Mordor even though it basically ripped its combat from Arkham, and its stealth from both Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed and did NOTHING to change them. But it was great right?

At this point, you know exactly what Ubisoft wants you to know about the game, you don't know its entirety, and you're already saying it lacks innovation. People like you are the problem. You shoot down a game from the onset, the very first reveal of the game and you've canned it. That's why gamers are seen as entitled whiners.

I mean, Ubisoft literally can't win with you people. They put in something that's never been in the AC games before and you b****, if they didn't put them in, you'd b****. Save yourselves and the rest of us the b****ing and just don't buy the game and ignore everything about it.

redey31309d ago

Yes, because rehashing the same animations and havin 2-3 same character models is really praise-worthy, isn't it dragonm8?

jb2271309d ago

Totally agree. True innovation only comes through incremental iteration. Anyone still crying for some huge leap will ultimately be met w/ a broken & buggy mess, per what we have seen over & over this gen already w/ games that try to shoehorn in new things that ultimately subtract more from an experience than they add. You want to know what a big innovation would be for the AC series in my eyes? A story that makes any kind of sense whatsoever. If Syndicate finally tries to deliver a compelling story that isn't bogged down by trying to move the ball down the field in the smallest & stupidest of ways, if theres a story in Victorian England w/ those characters & not some ridiculous time spanning cyber adam & eve stupidity, that'd be the biggest innovation for the series since the introduction of the hay stack.

Stallion1309d ago

>these types of things are a positive thing to see as it shows Ubisoft are trying to expand and improve the series

That's a negative, Ghost Rider. It's just adding another minimum effort one game gimmick, rather than actually expanding and progressing the gameplay. Same thing they've been doing for the last few years.

Revelations had the hook blade and "defend the castle" missions.
AC3 got rid of that and added hunting and that "rope weapon."
AC4 got rid of that and heavily featured sailing.
ACU got rid of that and... etc, etc.

Toiletsteak1309d ago

I am done with Assassins Creed for a good few years and maybe when i decide to come back it will feel new.

jdaboss1309d ago

"Apparently in Syndicate, once you go into stealth, you keep your hat somewhere and pull the iconic Assassin hood over your head… and that’s apparently the Assassin being stealthy. This is just ridiculous at this point, even more so than Clark Kent removing his glasses and no one being able to tell the difference between him and Superman."

LO [email protected] L

Sir_Simba1309d ago

when you classify the big ben as a feature in you game, I think you're lacking more than innovation.

Ubisoft also has a thing for towers, they cant help them selves in every GOD DAMN game.

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