Best Buy Weekly Deals for May 17th

Best Buy's weekly deals for May 17th are now live.

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Takwin1282d ago

$30 for two years of Gamers Unlocked.

20% off all games (and amiibo) and 10% off all used games.

Free points to redeem for gift certificates.

Biggest no brainier in all of gaming.

And free shipping so you never have to go to the store!

ox_ADRlAN_xo1282d ago

I agree. I have it as well. I bought farming simulator 15 last week and now they offer a $10 gift card with the game. Think they would give me that same deal even though I purchased last week?

lilbrat231282d ago

Yes they will if you have your receipt and ask them.

Takwin1282d ago

Yes, they should. They are great about that. Plus they price match. Just call them. The store is FAR less helpful than the phone service.

Minute Man 7211282d ago

It really is a no brainer. I'll be getting my membership this week

Juiceid1282d ago

You forgot an extra 10 percent in the base trade in values, if you're into that sort of thing. I've been a gamers club member pretty much from the start, and while I am sure this isn't the only good deal, it certainly has gotten better as time goes on.

ox_ADRlAN_xo1281d ago

Free shipping if it's standard. If you want your game on release day, it costs money

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