Where to find Destiny House of Wolves’ new hidden Ghost

Destiny’s latest update for the House of Wolves introduced a new Ghost hidden in Earth’s Cosmodrome, as well as new enemies from the Fallen House of Wolves hiding in the opening segment of the game.

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OmegaShen1281d ago

I got them all but two, thats the Venus one. You can glitch into the places, so far King's Watch is the only that had the boss in it.

BlackWolf121281d ago

This is a new legit ghost, not a glitch one.

OmegaShen1281d ago

You mean getting it legit, because they aren't glitch ghost and you can get this one if you use the glitch to get through the gate.

Menkyo1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

@Omegashin no he means the gate isn't there anymore so you can go get the ghost.

FamilyGuy1280d ago

You never needed a glitch to get back through this wall, you just had to walk back through it from that Fallen Walker zone, The Divide.