Tough Decision: The Witcher 3 or Dragon Age Inquisition?

Fellow nerds: it’s a good time to be alive. Star Wars is back, comic books are still standing tall, and, most importantly, some of the most promising video game titles yet are being released faster than you can count to ten Mississippi.

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ArchangelMike1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Not really a tough decision at all. The Witcher 3.

Dragon Age Inquisition was my GOTY last year. Full credit to the game and to Bioware for what it did with the characters, the story, the replayability... the fetch quests :)

So don't get me wrong I love DA:I, and am on my second playthrough. But it's 2015 now, and there's a new 400lb gorilla in the room... The Witcher 3!

Apart for the personalisation and the inclusion of party members, The Witcher 3 takes the best of everything from Dragon Age Inquisistion (and Skyrim), and forges a game that is truly exceptional in all it's parts.

SvenMossoux1226d ago

You'd be surprised, ArchangelMike.

I'm the writer of this article, and there are some noteworthy differences between the two.

Personally, I think The Witcher 3 comes out stronger since, as you mentioned, it's exceptional. It takes everything people love about RPGs and refines it.

ISHU1226d ago

Yup! DA:I was a nice game, but witcher 3 kills it in my opinion.

Tdmd1225d ago

Dragon Age Inquisition was really great, but that combat got old fast. I'm hoping that The Witcher 3 will fare much better in this regard (this will be my first Witcher, so I have no idea of what to expect). Also, I like the idea of being alone more than to be in a party. The lore in the Witcher 3 seems much more interesting too.
To me, it's not a tough decision at all.

ironcrow23861225d ago

il have to play it 1st so can give a fair judgement