Wii being dragged by motion control but for how long?

That Gamin Site has published a new article about the Wii controllers.

How far can the Wii controls drag the console on through this war?

The ability to have full motion through the controls was huge innovation from Nintendo and has proved to be a great success but how long will it carry on until people begin to get bored? In fact, how many of you have already brought a Wii but don't use it? Is the Wii sports the only game you own?

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henneste3771d ago

Not sure the Wii is being dragged anywhere, being the best-selling console and all that hooey.

Elven63771d ago

Question is, would it still be on top if it weren't for the motion controls?

Iceman100x3770d ago

Jealousy is a bit** if it was like that how come the ds is doing even better than the wii after almost 3 years? The wii is easier to get than that is right now, and since they just got started with motion controls it will take some time to get use to. The real question is how long will the outdated ps2 controllers last it's still stuck in the 90's.

cooke153770d ago

how many times are articles like this going to be posted? in a year from now they will still be posted and the wii will still be selling. Just like how last year people were saying Wii is a fad, yet it just kept on selling.

Panthers3770d ago

Fads can last a while. Boy bands lasted a long time. The thing is with consoles, the fad will prolly last long enough to get it through this gen and onto the next. It will be interesting to see in Nintendo can continue the success next time around.

Big Jim3770d ago

Furbies were around for a lot longer than the Wii has been out, and yet furbies were still a fad. Will the Wii still be here in 5 years?

NoxiousD3770d ago

HD in motion is what they are going to do next generation.

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