In Case You Missed It - Alpha Protocol

Player2 takes a look back at Obsidian's flawed yet entertaining espoinage based RPG

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SaveFerris1185d ago

I wish another developer would create another spy rpg title, Agent maybe?

Footyspacecadet1184d ago

I had a mate that suggested Obsidian use Alpha Protocol as the basis for an Archer RPG.... I'd buy that.

Roccetarius1185d ago

Alpha Protocol is in dire need of fixing, and it would be a much better game if that happened.

Footyspacecadet1184d ago

It has it's issues sure but it isn't going to ever be fixed. Personally it is a game worth playing despite its problems.

Mapsman1184d ago

I really didn't like this the first time I played it but a few months ago I went back to it and had a much better time. There is a lot of subtle stuff in there that I think I missed first time round. Would love to see a sequel where the bugs and stuff are ironed out.

Hewso1184d ago

I played it to death when it first came out and now I am playing again (for the article) and I am finding it a drastically different experience due to the choices I have made. Great replayability