Dungeon Kingdom to Make Early Access Available Soon

Carl Williams writes, "Okay, I have to admit, again, that I am a major fan of the first person dungeon crawler style role playing game. It is a niche that I simply cannot get enough of. You can keep your Legend of Zelda style overhead action RPG’s, I am content traversing the latest, or older, 3D first person dungeon crawler that comes along. King’s Field was good but the action based combat was “off” to me. I prefer the Dungeon Master, Alternate Reality: The City and Alternate Reality: The Dungeon style of turn based combat. Mapping out dungeons on graph paper is, for some reason, something I find quite enjoyable- marking traps, doors and where healing options lay as I go. Dungeon Kingdom is looking to be one of those types of games that I will probably get lost in when it releases on a myriad of platforms. The question is, will you get lost in the dungeons too?"

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