Battlefield 4 Patch Adds New Weapons and Gun Master Mode

Almost two years after launch, DICE continues to update Battlefield 4 with new content and tweaks. Yesterday, the developer announced that the game's upcoming Spring patch will add new weapons and an old mode from Battlefield 3, Gun Master.

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Majin-vegeta1307d ago

Side Arm-Mare's Leg

Also on the topic of BF4.CTE will be coming to console but so far only for X1.

poor_cus_of_games1306d ago

Where does it say for xbox one so far? All that I can find is that it's coming for both consoles. It's just taking a while to get past the certification process.

CerebralAssassin1305d ago

a previous article posted to N4G said this. Some time yesterday.

Pandamobile1307d ago

I'm digging those upgrades to the sound obstruction. I hope that makes it to the base game soon.

I'm also super psyched that Gun Master is finally making a comeback after I spent so much time playing it in BF3.

KwietStorm1306d ago

Very pleased. I was top 2% in the world with it in BF3 and BC2 at one point. Love that gun.

Majin-vegeta1306d ago

Lol well Dice heard the babies about the AN-94 and well you got it....but a crap version.This isnt the same one from BF3.

Father Murder X1306d ago

what about scavenger mode??

Father__Merrin1306d ago

How about solving the lag spikes? there horrible

we need some new maps, and please release China rising as a free add on. I had China rising on ps4 it should carry on

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