Did Valve Help Make PS3's Orange Box Suck?

Ripten's Dan Landis writes:

"In a recent interview at E3, Valve Software's Erik Johnson stated that the PS3 port of The Orange Box was done "mostly" by EA. So if it was only "mostly" done by EA, does that mean that Valve actually had a hand in making a game they consistently denied being a part of? Why does that even matter?

The only reason this could be a big deal is because Gabe Newell has always been down on the PS3, even going so far as to call it "a waste of everyone's time." Valve has always denied having a hand in the PS3 port, placing all of the blame for The Orange Box's issues squarely on EA's shoulders..."

The writer goes on to discuss why he thinks Valve was not actually involved and that this is all the result of angry fanboys.

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Twizlex3678d ago

I hope people read the whole thing before making stupid comments...

cp683678d ago

Read the entire article before posting, which is generally what fanboys do. Read, then comment.

Nostradavis3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

If they read it the fanboys would actually realize this has nothing to do with Sony or the PS3 and everything to do with a publisher not taking the time to make a proper port!!!

MonkeyMan3678d ago

Could you give me a summary of this, I don't like to read stuff.

gambare3678d ago

It say :

Valve is too lazy to learn a different architecture from the PC standard.

spunnups3677d ago

because the PS3 gamers were stiffed with a half ass product, While Valve is being so stubborn and lazy they failed to make a quality product, thus bringing in more money. It's a lose lose situation for everyone. The orange box is a handful of great games, too bad us PS3 owners had to be stuck with such a bad port. It's not he PS3's fault, it's EA's and Valves.

deeznuts3677d ago

1. Twinkies.
2. PC
3. Twinkies.
4. 360.
5. Twinkies.

That is the order of Gabe Newell's priorities.

Tarasque3677d ago

Well if i was valve i would be the same way, unless sony was going to feed me money for my expense's. It is just to costly to learn new tech nowaday's and then make a game for a machine where it might not sell well at all is a big gamble. And a gamble they do not want to take.

solidt123677d ago

Here is a link to the new game Gabe is featured in "Fat Princess"


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ElementX3678d ago

You mean there's more to the story than the title and snippet?

Twizlex3678d ago

Believe it or not, most people never read more than that. Then they make stupid comments that make them look like complete morons to the people that actually do read the whole thing. That's the problem with the ADHD-riddled youth of today.

Sheddi3677d ago! that cant be !

VaNdAl3677d ago

Gabe Newell: DirectX 10 for Vista was a Newell Explains Why Valve Hates The mac Newell: Half-Life 2 on Xbox Was a Newell: Xbox 360 Makes My Life Worse head honcho and former Microsoft employee isn’t happy

unamed083678d ago

Great editing ripten! By the way, if anybody hasn't seen this then make sure to do so right now! It;s on badjoystick, and talks Gabe Newell

whoknew3678d ago

He's right, it is the fault of angry fanboys. their the cause of all the worlds problems.

Global warming? - Yep, fanboys did it. High gas prices? Yep, fanboys again. LOL.

Damn stupid fanboys!

Kami3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

"OMFG! he has 3 chins" lolololol

ape0073678d ago

how the hell you want your game to suck

such ridiculous article

valve just do like infinity ward

Twizlex3678d ago

You need reading comprehension lessons.

Nostradavis3678d ago

Stop picking on the ape. Lets see you swing from a tree Twiz.

Twizlex3678d ago

N4G needs a more advanced contributor test, or a separate process for approving stories. All the people reporting this story need to go back to school, or maybe they're still in school. Freaking nazi morons.

Nostradavis3678d ago

If they read it the fanboys would actually realize this has nothing to do with Sony or the PS3 and everything to do with a publisher not taking the time to make a proper port!!!

TheColbertinator3678d ago

Wish I could help that guy lose a couple of pounds.I mean he is my one of my favorite PC programmers but...oof he needs Wii fit or something.

Mr Fancy Pants3677d ago

what is the point of this article? we should start to make random theories because an editors said that one person from valve said that EA did "most" of the game?

i know valve it's proclaiming that they have nothing to to with the port but man it's their game! it's not like EA was going to start it from scratch... so in fact EA did most if not it wouldn't be a valve game don't you think.

BTW you should stop posting crap Twizlex

GameDev3677d ago

valve orange box and EA, who is the ass ranger the moderates this site??

first you ban me from the gamer zone for "attacking" fellow n4g'ers.

i make it a point to not attack anyone and now you ban me for "fanboy comments"????

go eat a d!ck you douchebag, go ahead and ban me, it'll stop me from coming to this sh!t site run by xbots.

Twizlex3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

You're a f*cking idiot, Mr Fancy Pants. The article says the same thing you say, and you'd know that if you actually read it instead of just reading the snippet on n4g.

GameDev, this site is certainly NOT run by Xbots. There are significantly more Sony Fanboys here. I have no problem getting anti-Xbox articles approved, but it takes a miracle to get anti-Sony articles approved. But I agree with you - this site is run by asses that don't even understand the rules they're supposed to be enforcing.

tplarkin73677d ago

N4G has become a cesspool of fanboy gossip. Something needs to be done. I'm sure they make enough money to hire a moderator with final say on articles.

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