Grand Theft Auto V - Mod Enables Seamless Buildings Interiors Without Loading

Modder ‘TaazR’ has released a new – and must-have – mod for GTA V that opens up pretty much every interior in the game files with fully functional door.

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Zero109940d ago

Now that's next gen.. Really cool mod and props to the creator... Imagine the mods well have a yr or 2 from now.

Wii_nes_007940d ago

I've learned to pay no attention to the agrees and disagrees anymore. Most people will just disagree even if they agree with the comment, because they're chods and love strife.

YodaCracker940d ago

I disagreed because GTA V already had seamless transitions between outdoors and interiors, even on last gen consoles. The real feature of this mod is to make buildings accessible that are normally closed off from the player, like mission interiors.

Agent_hitman940d ago

Whoa, I thought that Rockstar is not allowing modders to mod this game? What happened to their stupid EULA?

Mariusmssj940d ago

Like that would stop people who want play with mods.

wallis940d ago

They've stated that if it's a singleplayer mod they have absolutely no problem with it what so ever. Reports of people being banned was simply a case of mods and gta V updates becoming incompatible and breaking the game. They went on to praise the GTAIV mods, and said they want to see the same thing with GTA V.

MP mods may be different though.