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Until Dawn is a horror game that was originally announced for the PS3 way back in August 2012 as a PlayStation Move title. Every few months afterwards, we’d get an announcement stating that the game was still in development but not much else. Then, in August 2014, Pete Samuels, executive producer at Supermassive Games, announced that Until Dawn would now be exclusively developed for PS4 and, much to the excitement of fans, the PS Move controls were being abandoned.

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ValKilmer1283d ago

This should be PS4's sleeper hit of 2015. Sony will likely stealth release shortly after E3 and it should slowly but surely build up hype and become one of the more intriguing first-party titles on the console.

Jalva1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Sony already had a sleeper hit in 2015, The Order: 1886, you had to constantly hit yourself to stop yourself from falling asleep.

breakpad1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Until Dawn is very trash-american movie based ...i m not finding it very appealing and i dont think it will be a hit

johndoe112111283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

*clap*.........*clap*......... *clap*...........*clap*......*c lap*......

Rimeskeem1283d ago

I hope you find yourself funny because I don't think anyone else does.

PrinterMan1283d ago

Good joke. So far from the truth but good joke. Thoroughly enjoying the Order 1886 game. On play through #2.

Bathyj1283d ago

I actually liked your comment for the mental image of you being hit constantly.

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Takwin1283d ago

Until Dawn and Everyone's Gone to the Rapture are definitely my two sleeper PS4 hits. I have a sneaking suspicion Mario Maker will be uncannily fun and good as well, and none of those 3 titles receives much of any coverage on N4G or any of the major gaming sites. All have the potential to be brilliant.

uth111283d ago

I'm excited to play this. I need some convincing about rapture though

ValKilmer1283d ago


What do you mean by "trash-american movie based"?

WeAreLegion1283d ago

Cabin in the Woods is the best horror film of the past decade. It's not the scariest, but it is by far the most brilliant. I don't care if you hate American cinema. That movie is something that will be in every film lover's library for the foreseeable future.

Did you actually see Cabin in the Woods? It was a parody. Until Dawn is the sort of thing Cabin in the Woods was parodying. I'm excited for Until Dawn, but I don't think you understood Cabin in the Woods.

uth111283d ago

Well it's supposed to be based on the cheesy 80's teen horror movies. But that's it's selling point.

Palitera1283d ago

Eh... He definitely didn't understand Cabin in the Woods. I don't blame him, though. If you read nothing about it, it is very possible that the actual meaning of it is missed.
One of my most loved horror movies ever.

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subtenko1283d ago

Sleeper hit? Dont sleep or he's gonna kill you!!!

He's gonna kil-...

Wat?.....oh.....he's not in-....oh.........I see......hmm..we'll...

*gets coat from coast hanger*

Meltic1283d ago

I dont understand sony. Why release the game on summer time when its shiny and Bright. I wanna play this when its dark. Iknow i can make my room dark but it isnt the same

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Kurisu1283d ago

This game is going to be love / hate. I'm cautiously optimistic.

OB1Biker1283d ago

I have to agree but on the internet only people waste their times to 'hate' a game, not in real life.

Cant wait for this one more fun to play than really scary IMO

Masterchief_thegoat1283d ago

deff keeping my eyes open for this game

robtion1283d ago

I really hope this game is good. I am definitely interested.

Would be great if it releases in June.

buttcheeks1283d ago

More than likey August if they stick to the summer release window at this point

Syntax-Error1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Good idea executed poorly. I want to play it but it seems more like a Quantic Dream game. They should have done this idea in which the player has more control when trying to survive a murderer instead of take path A or B. Hope Friday the 13th is executed better since it's based on this concept. The player must evade Jason on his relentless pursuit. Until Dawn WILL NOT be a sleeper hit and anyone that believes so is definitely a fanboy. People have to be honest with the truth. Let's be real, who's really checking for this game?

Raziel8931283d ago

Who's checking for this game? I don't know maybe the people who already new it was based around a quantic dream style game since it was shown. I swear the stupidity in people is baffling sometimes.

MysticStrummer1283d ago

"Let's be real, who's really checking for this game?"

Everyone I know who plays games and owns one or more of the current consoles.

jb2271282d ago

Friday the 13th will most assuredly not be better as it's a mp only game. Pretty hard to be frightened when what you are really being chased by is Jason as played by a 12 year old making mama jokes every time he gets close by. I really wish they'd have made it an offline game. Until Dawn will obviously be the more suspenseful of the two, and by that logic, the better "horror" title, regardless of player movement.

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