In Defence of Remasters

Love them or hate them, remasters look like they’re here to stay. But are they really such a blight on the games industry?

It seems like almost every week, there’s a new remastered, remade, or simply re-released game being announced. This year alone, we’ve seen Resident Evil, Saints Row IV, DmC: Devil May Cry, Grim Fandango, Might & Magic III, Final Fantasy Type-0, and plenty of other games re-releases with various degrees of touching up. God of War III, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy X-2 are all on the cards for PS4 releases in the coming months. There are rumours of an Uncharted Remastered trilogy, the evidence for which is admittedly sketchy, but the idea itself seems more than a little plausible. There will no doubt be more remastering announcements throughout the rest of this year.

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jc485731307d ago

yea only if they don't screw it up

r3f1cul1306d ago

the only defense anything gaming related is that the consumers keep buying or putting up with it... that is all the defense a game dev needs... the bottomline is sales and if it keeps selling then guess what even if its bad they will keep making it :/

Fauxfire1306d ago

I just hope this recent string of remasters leads publishers back to their roots and encourages them to return to what made them great in the first place.

MilkMan1303d ago

Bro, there is no excuse for these remasters. We are getting shamed. This industry is built on its audience getting shammed left, then right.
We hardly ever get value for dollar. We put up with things that no other industry ever would and we take it as "Oh its cool, its the way it is."
These remasters is just another scheme in a long line of schemes.
We all know that every single game was made and designed to be bullet proof. So we are NOT getting remasters. This is the way the game was originally made. What happens is they have to make concessions when they port the game over to their respective consoles or platform.
When we started buying these games at top dollar INSTEAD of insisting for backwards compatibility the antennas went f**king crazy over at the publishers house.
Now all they have to do is go to their servers hard drives and reprint the masters they already have. Today s hardware can now play those masters as it was intended.
This is so much easy cash, especially with digital distribution, that its basically printing money.
There is no excuse to justify their actions or ours.
There is a drought so we would be s**t on a stick right now.

Its sad the hobby and industry I love hates us so much.