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Submitted by godoftime 2763d ago | article

10 all-new PS3 tips and tricks

Tech Radar:

Sony may just have dropped its big 2.41 firmware update, which transforms the PS3 as a gaming platform. But since our last batch of PS3 tips and tricks, there have been many additions to the console that you may be missing out on. (PS3)

LinuxGuru  +   2763d ago
LOL, is it strange that none of that's new to me, at all?
Ben1054  +   2763d ago
these are all old and everybody should already know them,
the only bit i didn't know is that you can use the xbox cam with the ps3 lool
spandexxking  +   2763d ago
the only one i didnt know was that you can access msn, but then again thats not really a feature
Pain  +   2763d ago
There was another List once.
Had some other usefull thing u never read anywhere like 'put it in the bloody Instructions please" next time thx...
Milky  +   2763d ago
Completely stupid
that when trying to sign into messenger it only gives you the option to have '.com' at the end. I cant sign in because mine is ''
UnSelf  +   2763d ago
i knew em all except the 1st one.
sunnygrg  +   2762d ago
I didnt know that.
the Xbox Live Vision camera was compatible with the PS3.
PirateThom  +   2762d ago
The PS3 is compatible with a huge variety of third party items.

The Vision Cam is just a standard webcam.
JUSTICEFORALL  +   2762d ago
is the xbox vision still compatible with the ps3?
bleachrulez  +   2763d ago
yeah must
of as should know this feature but the one for xbox cam is something i didn't expect
SpaZaA  +   2763d ago
I found out..
By asking a fellow to a live chat after a round of CoD4, and he said he didn't have a cam for PS3, just one for 360. I already knew he was using a 360 headset so I suggested giving it a try. It worked, man we had a good laugh.

As for the article, it's alright. Probably very helpful for the less tech savvy people.

I have yet to try MSN mobile for instant messaging via PS3 browser, might try now, or maybe check meebo. I knew of the rest of them already.
Heaven_Or_Hell  +   2763d ago
I had nothing to do for my PS3 to detect my Windows Media Sever, all automatic for my first boot up...
I was very impressed to see all my content with a Wi-Fi connection (videos, photos and music) without do anything =D
Very Very nice feature
rroded  +   2763d ago
try meebo then tell me no way lol
as yet there is no way to access Yahoo or AOL instant messaging networks via the PS3's browser.
Pck  +   2763d ago
Simply click on the link with the X button and the PS3 will automatically offer to save it directly into your Music folder, ready to be played at any time.

Ive been able to do that isnce I got my ps3! thios isnt new!
S1nnerman  +   2763d ago
I do wish the PS3 manual was better
I honestly don't understand half of the stuff written in it about the DVD settings tbh ...
Name Last Name  +   2763d ago
i didnt know bout the msn one i connected to hotmail from it and it appeared like if i was connected from a mobile do someone know if its free too?
Veryangryxbot  +   2763d ago
The true multi media device that plays games, music, DVDs, Blu Rays, act as HDD, plays MMOs and lets you communicate with your friends.

Its a social device where you can browse the web, upload user created content (LBP), watch YouTube vids, download stuff and more.

This is living. This is PS3.
PoSTedUP  +   2763d ago
awesome tips!
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2763d ago
thank you. Love this stuff!
please keep the tips, tricks & hints coming!
I didn't know about the music player?!?
so cool.
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2763d ago
don't know? But is ps3 compatible.
That's why more people need to know about this kinds stuff!
so we can have more ps3 compatible websites.
I think it will all come together when HOME is established.
if konami can have its own store & its own home space.
the intergration of the browser will make home a shopping mall!
I can't wait!
Snukadaman  +   2763d ago
Here is the top tip....
Wait for the ps4 with more ram and a faster blu-ray drive.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2763d ago
but PS3 and 360 have the same amount of ram?
You saying 360 needs more ram to? hopefully when "720" comes.

And installs make up for the -4% disc read speed of blu-ray.

You fail.
DevonTheDude535  +   2762d ago
This is nothing new by a long shot, DVD up-scale seriously?
dolomite  +   2762d ago
I didn't know about the saving web files feature...since surfing the web via PS3 is a pain. I always used the Wii for that if I wanted to do surfing on the TV. However, I thought the DVD upscale was automatically done for you? Didn't know you had to set it on...
Fototherapist  +   2762d ago
I assumed...
the same thing. However, I noticed that after a firmware update my SD DVD's haven't always appeared to be upscaled. I'll have to look into that a little more.
SickNick85  +   2762d ago
is it now possible use 360 (PC) pad in the ps3????

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