10 all-new PS3 tips and tricks

Tech Radar:

Sony may just have dropped its big 2.41 firmware update, which transforms the PS3 as a gaming platform. But since our last batch of PS3 tips and tricks, there have been many additions to the console that you may be missing out on.

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LinuxGuru3772d ago

LOL, is it strange that none of that's new to me, at all?

Ben10543772d ago

these are all old and everybody should already know them,
the only bit i didn't know is that you can use the xbox cam with the ps3 lool

spandexxking3772d ago

the only one i didnt know was that you can access msn, but then again thats not really a feature

Pain3772d ago

Had some other usefull thing u never read anywhere like 'put it in the bloody Instructions please" next time thx...

Milky3772d ago

that when trying to sign into messenger it only gives you the option to have '.com' at the end. I cant sign in because mine is ''

UnSelf3772d ago

i knew em all except the 1st one.

sunnygrg3771d ago

the Xbox Live Vision camera was compatible with the PS3.

PirateThom3771d ago

The PS3 is compatible with a huge variety of third party items.

The Vision Cam is just a standard webcam.


is the xbox vision still compatible with the ps3?

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bleachrulez3772d ago

of as should know this feature but the one for xbox cam is something i didn't expect

SpaZaA3772d ago

By asking a fellow to a live chat after a round of CoD4, and he said he didn't have a cam for PS3, just one for 360. I already knew he was using a 360 headset so I suggested giving it a try. It worked, man we had a good laugh.

As for the article, it's alright. Probably very helpful for the less tech savvy people.

I have yet to try MSN mobile for instant messaging via PS3 browser, might try now, or maybe check meebo. I knew of the rest of them already.

Heaven_Or_Hell3772d ago

I had nothing to do for my PS3 to detect my Windows Media Sever, all automatic for my first boot up...
I was very impressed to see all my content with a Wi-Fi connection (videos, photos and music) without do anything =D
Very Very nice feature

rroded3772d ago

as yet there is no way to access Yahoo or AOL instant messaging networks via the PS3's browser.

Pck3772d ago

Simply click on the link with the X button and the PS3 will automatically offer to save it directly into your Music folder, ready to be played at any time.

Ive been able to do that isnce I got my ps3! thios isnt new!

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The story is too old to be commented.