The Witcher 3: Did CD Projekt Red do full justice to the PC version?

The Witcher 3 is days away from release, and as its launch gets nearer, we’re starting to see plenty of gameplay footage from the console and PC versions spread across the internet. What’s nice is that the console footage looks great. However, what’s equally surprising is that the PC version doesn’t appear to boast a substantial boost in assets quality and detail over its console brethren.

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annoyedgamer1284d ago

That first gif was depressing to watch. I still remember seeing The Witch 2 and Crysis 1 maxed out the first time, it was amazing.

WonderboyIII1283d ago

This downgrade is bigger than watchdogs. Should be noted as the biggest downgrade of a PC version of all time.

Ike_Broflovski1283d ago

I know there will be much hate for this.


This is a clear case early on in this gen of consoles yet again gimping out the full potential of multiplat games that appear on PC.

But it's nothing new, this has been going on since PS1 days.

They should have just made the BEST PC version possible then scaled back the consoles versions to fit.

Ezz20131283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

why gamers say they don't care about graphics because gameplay is the king

yet so far in this damn gen all i see is either articles and gamers praise graphics or scream downgrade ?!

WonderboyIII1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )


The gameplay is one of the components that makes a game successful. Not the only the component, but a vital one. Its priority will vary from gamer to gamer. Its like cooking a dish and using crappy meat instead of good meat. The technique, spices,seasonings and sauces define the taste of the dish, but don't tell me that the meat isn't ruining the dish in some way. We have been tempted with some nice meat on a stick since 2013 and we, the PC gamers, are the ones who can have cooking gear to include this expensive meat in the dish. However, cheap meat is what we have been given and our gear will not make cheap meat good.

xPhearR3dx1283d ago

I disagree. All I see is a huge change in the color pallet and lighting. Both of which, can easily be fixed with mods and or SweetFX.

Nero21421283d ago

Remember dark souls 2 ? atleast witcher wasn't downgraded becouse of 9y old consoles ;d

PurpHerbison1283d ago

Dark Souls 2 was definitely the biggest downgrade of all time.

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Meltic1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

NO im sorry to say this but the weak consoles did hold the witcher's 3 performance down with the graphic.

Genuine-User1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

What a load of rubbish.

The only responsible party "holding" back the 'graphical prowess' of The Witcher 3 are its developers.

NuggetsOfGod1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

As far as providing funds and being cash cows consoles are great.

Between paying for multiplayer, buying up season passes, buying minecraft skin mods, worshiping sales, relying on remakes instead of backwards compatibility, renting games they may already own through psNow, making sure ubisoft sells million, supporting rehash COD games, obsessing over shooters and making them over popular doing the same thing year after year, fighting over which low performing apu is better, believing lower fps is awsome sauce, pretending that graphics don't matter then boasting about old ass 1080p I hate console gaming culture.

Sorry to see cdpr go. But hey what can u do? Lol

Optimize as much as you want... apus are not good for gaming in the long run.

When pc starts using HBM and dx12/Vulkan and ps4/pc games look the same it will a sad day.

If only everyone would just support the constitution and play on an open and free platform...

Consoles are China in a box.

End rant..

Army_of_Darkness1283d ago

@nuggetsofgod " I hate console gaming culture"

Making a remark like that just shows how you were Never a Gamer to begin with. Just a PC fanboy only obsessed with graphics... Try less staring and more gaming bro ;-)

Imalwaysright1283d ago

CDPR devs didn't study in Hogwarts you know. They have to work with the hardware that is given to them and these so called next gen consoles ARE weak.

HammadTheBeast1283d ago


If you're complaining about tech specs, you should first know that a very small minority of PC gamers actually have gaming PC's and high end graphics cards.

Steam, AKA DRM online is something PC gamers should've fought against, instead, they embraced it just for Half-Life 2 and pretend like it's the most open platform out there. CoD is insanely popular on PC as well, not to mention the Assassins Creed series.

uth111283d ago

@nuggets - you show exactly why PC gamers aren't respected by developers. You guys will willingly spend lots of money on hardware, but you spend as little as possible on services and software.. Both of which cost money to provide. It doesnt matter what machine is the most powerful. developers will cater to where the money is. Simple as that.

TonyPT1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

@Genuine-User That's a really ignorant thing to say m8!

_-EDMIX-_1283d ago

@Nugget- " relying on remakes instead of backwards compatibility" LMFAO! Sooooo what your saying is Balder's Gate 1, 2, Witcher 1, Half Life 1, Myst etc ALL NEVER got enhanced or remade on PC? LMFAO! I do know that a GPU can produce only on an engine that can scale that far right? ie you can't make Half Life 1 look like 2 just by getting a beast GPU bud, it doesn't work that way.. DLC, enhanced, definitive, remakes etc all exist on PC too and its actually where that started bud.

I'm sorry but your wrong and have no clue what your talking about.

" I hate console gaming culture" know gaming "culture" before spewing misinformation bud. That is common place in ALL GAMING. Those same publishers that do that on console have been doing that on PC for years. Once again....a remakes, enhanced editions, "remasters" what have you have been done on PC and its actually were that started. BC has nothing to do with it....research a bit bud, your learn a thing or two about gaming as suppose to assuming thats new or only in "console culture"...


Just to make it clear too, games get remade based on engine, not bc. PS3 has PS1 games on PSN...yet you can play PS1 games native on PS3...Wii has GC ports...yet it can play GC. I'm sorry but remakes, ports etc don't just get done because of lack of BC bud. BC doesn't make that game look like its on a different engine JUST cause you have a better GPU..does't work that way buddy. Black Mesa very much shows that remakes are not JUST based on not having can't play Half Life 1 and have it look like its remake Black Mesa no matter the GPU you own...its not even feasible.

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user74029311283d ago

Is that why metal gear ground zeroes is 1080p 60fps on ps4? Its open world too. Its not the consoles fault, and c d pr needs to know how to actually make 1080p 60fps on ps4 because that 30fps, while great is still lazy seeing mgs gz get 1080p 60fps

Grap1283d ago

lol comparing ground zeroes with wotcher 3 you lost me there. you made my day with your comment you should really consider clown career.

methegreatone1283d ago

Groud zeroes also looks like shit compared to TW3. It's not magic. The only reason it can run at 60 fps is becaue visually it is not close to TW3.

Not bashing MGS5. Should be great. Not to mention Ground Zeroes PC port was brilliant, and looked great too.

Erik73571283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

To be honest it's the developers fault on showing touched-up version of their own game for e3 demos and false hype for their own game.......nothing more and now they are trying to use consoles as a escape goat for their lies

All the great looking graphics you saw at E3 or in there trailers......were JUST THOSE set pieces that looked that good....what ever part of the game they did not show to the public probably looked like what we are seeing now! And what ever they showed in the fake bullsh!t demo they took it out of the game last minute because it looked so much better looking than rest of the game that it looked out of place.....

I mean how could that not be true? They obviously already made the model/mesh/etc whats the harm of keeping it in place on the pc version? Because it's inconsistently better looking than the rest of the assets that weren't seen in the trailers...that's why.

yezz1283d ago

Bull shite.

What about majority of PC gamers that do NOT have a machine powerful enough to run the game like it was first shown? Should the developers just give the middle finger to them as well?

edqe1283d ago

That's why PC games has settings. Those gamers who has chosen to use weaker machine for gaming are able to use lower settings.

yezz1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )


So how on earth do consoles restrict the developers to give those settings for them anyway then? We've already seen that you need a VERY high end machine to run this game with ultra settings and high frame rates so only few people would be able to run it with the graphical quality we were shown the first time..

It just doesn't ad up. This is really starting to remind me of conspiracy theories. People making stupid assumptions and pointing fingers to wrong places.

_-EDMIX-_1283d ago

Not sure what you mean. They choose to that route. They where not forced to, no one put a gun to their heads. In fact, PS4 and XONE are likely the only reason the game's engine was even upgraded to be so demanding in the first place. You didn't see that with the first 2.

Same with AC Unity...its not some mystery why your NOW seeing those demanding engines come out. They are coming out because systems like PS4 and XONE exist to actually support them.

PS4 and XONE are why you see new demanding engines across all 3 are starting to come out.

Witcher 3 on Ultra in 4k is extremely demanding, I would never say in any regard it was held back etc. No "console" is to blame for the choices a team made.

I'm sorry but it makes no sense for the team to make a choice to max out fully for 3% of ultra gaming PCs vs 100% of consoles. You don't even know if the team was EVER going to even make such a demanding game without PS4 and XONE's release. If they wanted to sooooooooo bad, it would be PC exclusive don't you think? Yet Witcher 3 on high on PC, IS the normal PS4 and XONE setting.

You don't say!

Gamers need both. Consoles to drive sales, PC to drive down hardware.

The reality is, not enough PC gamers own the hardware needed to run something like The Witcher 3, its factually just not true. Also add in that 100% of next gen console owners can play this game...that can NEVER be said for PC...EVER due to the nature of what PC is.

Its not a great thing if your looking for support and sales, its a great thing if your looking for upgrades.

Both are great, both have disadvantages. I'm sorry but the PC disadvantage of unknown hardware usage, low install based of high end parts etc is a bigger disadvantage. At lease with consoles they can be made period, you really think they would be making Witcher 3 THIS demanding if they didn't have PS4 and XONE sales to justify it? Ask me this...why the hell is it not PC exclusive? Why was it made NOW and not years prior? Why don't' we see ANOTHER developer making something MORE demand then Witcher 3 EXCLUSIVE to PC? I mean...if you can link me a game with higher PC minimum settings exclusive to PC and MORE demanding...I'd really like to see it. But this game is on PC, because it ironically can be sold on console.

and this is from a factual PC gamer tell you this..

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Sir_Simba1283d ago

They messed up the foliage.

methegreatone1283d ago

big time. It looks plain ugly now

MWH1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

what justice? not only did they lie to and deceive PC owners, myself included, but their damage control is a disgraceful attempt to make fools out of them with more lies.

add this pain to your collection of betrayal:

annoyedgamer1283d ago

That difference is near Watch Dogs level.

atke car1283d ago

I think it is far worse then the Watchdogs.! I cancel my preorder yesterday, and all PC players should do too.! Now who screwed who CDPR ?!

Erik73571283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Idk...that looks PRETTY bad if you ask me......I would say its worse than watch dogs if you ask me.

Never thought a game would have a downgrade worse than watchdogs.

uth111283d ago

I agree that its far worse than watch dogs. Watchdogs felt like a big deal over fairly minor downgrades. This is night and day!

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Auron1283d ago

that's terrible. I knew those trailers were too good to be true...

WonderboyIII1283d ago

cancelling preorder and pirating the game is the way to go on pc

Destiny10801283d ago

"2013 was a tough time for CD Projekt RED simply because we were trying to create an entire bulk of the game on the older DirectX 9 renderer that we had in place for The Witcher 2. Most of the assets were created during the time we were creating our DX11 solution render pipeline to bring the next-generation experience to everyone. A lot of the footage including the debut gameplay trailer was done when the consoles were not even out and we only had an idea of the specifications of the system. This landed itself into problem territory when we realized the next-generation systems could not simply meet our graphical output to the desirable level of quality that we needed. There were several options: build three different builds or consolidate to the nearest denominator, which is what we did. We took the specifications of the lowest performing throughput system which I don’t care to mention here at all to avoid that discussion, and worked our way up from there. As almost a 250 man team, we sequentially had to take out/turn down a lot of features not just from our NVIDIA GameWorks pipeline but our normal game solution scripts as well – these include the following:

Level of horizon detail (essentially the draw distance had to be completely tuned down to tax the consoles less)

Volume based translucency

Ambient occlusion and foliage density / tree count

Flexible water simulation / tessellation we resorted to a (script texture effect similar to most games than physical based simulation)

Ground/building tessellation

Forward lit soft particles (this is the fire, smoke, fog that you would encounter while going through thick terrain into open space)

Real-time reflections in the water are completely off and replaced with a cheaper render solution estimator (this is a primary reason blood splatter was also removed from water)

We just did not have the manpower, budget or the console power to produce the vision we intended before the consoles were released to create a more visually stunning game of higher fidelity like 2013 assets. The PCs themselves had more than enough power to achieve this vision, almost certainly. But working on the game across 3 platforms did not make it feasible to keep features included that could potentially break the game as we kept building around it. All the 2013 trailers were actually in-game footage (not prerendered or vertical slices) but essentially just not an entirely finished world running on a high-end PC at the time."

Articuno761283d ago

1) Who are you quoting and what is your source?

2) And they couldn't keep these in as options because???

Until I see a thorough explanation as to why keeping options around wasn't feasible I see zero reason to buy into this lowest common denominator angle. It flat out doesn't make sense.

Software by virtue of being software is scalable, and all of those things mentioned scale/toggle without changing the underlying game. The lowest common denominator angle doesn't make sense applied to things like draw distance - can't get it to work on one system well? Turn the slider down. Have the performance to spare on another? Turn it up a bit: Problem solved.

The lowest common denominator angle only works when you are dealing with a part of the game that is so intrinsic it's required across all SKUs. For example, world size. And funnily enough that's one factor that's common across all SKUs in TW3's case anyway.

Don't believe me? Try playing a PC game with a decent suite of customisation options and see for yourself.

methegreatone1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

They haven't kept them in as options. That's the point.

Source must be reliable, because I confirmed from footage the stuff he said.

In latest PC ultra footage, there are no more realtime reflections in swamps and puddles, like there used to be. There is no more blood on the water either ; something which this insider confirmed.

You can see they don't use water tesselation most of the time. It looks flat.

Recent footage also confirms removal of that whole forward lit soft particle system.

"And they couldn't keep these in as options because???"

Good question. That's why we're pissed. Why not leave them in as options ? Why not give us the option to have that forward lit particle system they removed ? Why not give us the option to put realtime reflections in fully again ?

Why couldn't they scale it all up for PC, and give us those options ?

Our concern is that it's because of this -
"We want the same experience across all platforms", or what is commonly known as Retard Logic.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1283d ago

In short: The game was downgraded because the consoles were released with outdated hardware.

Its a shame really, cause the 360/ps3 released with hardware that made the PC have to up the ante.

The consoles should have cost more with better hardware, I think MS/Sony cheaped out on hardware for the low low price.

Erik73571283d ago get a better performing pc you have to spend atleast 500 dollars.

kraenk121283d ago

Completely feasible and understandable. Every CDP RED fan knows there will be an Enhanced Version anyway.

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