Congratulations, You backed your first Kickstarter

The trials and tribulations of backing your first Kickstarter based on a love for a bear with a bird in a backpack.

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Repjaws1106d ago

OMG,I didn't back this game up,am I bad person?How do I sleep in my car at night :'(.

paddy951106d ago

Should have sold your car. You are very bad :(.

roadkillers1105d ago

You sleep in your car? How do you game in general..

Repjaws1105d ago

I have one of them car tv thing...yeah one of those you know the one

WeAreLegion1106d ago

This is like my 30th Kickstarter. Can't wait for it!

Summons751106d ago

My one and only. Only did it because I know they won't disappear or scam us like every other Kickstarter.

Aloren1106d ago

Never happened to me. And I backed quite a few.

rezzah1105d ago

There was one I cancelled a year or two ago, I came back to kickstarter a couple months ago and saw in the comments that it was a scam, though it looked completely legit.

One thing to take notice of is if the person(s) behind the project is working on their very first KS project. Visit their sites, see if they have sold the item before, or if there have been reviews.

Interviews do not mean much because it is just a conversation, they do not look at the actual product. However, interviews can reveal key information about the background of the people behind the project, this is key info to base your judgement on.

Aloren1105d ago

Yeah, well, of course some people are dishonest and I'm sure there's been more than one bad project... however, it's far from being "every other kickstarter". In fact, quite a few gems came from kickstarter...

deathtok1105d ago

My what a broad brush you have!

Summons751105d ago

well, what do you expect when there are 4 successful and well know kickstarters and the flagship kickstarter "success" the Ouya is a complete joke, Oculus Rift sold out and screwed over backers, and everything else goes silent or straight up disappears. Still laughing at the one guy who started a game kickstarter and used the money to go on a cruise. If it weren't for Shovel Knight, Mighty #9, Yooka-Laylee, and Bloodstained the whole idea would be a complete joke.

deathtok1105d ago


Yeah, I'm not going to debate you. You're right that some of these things have gone sideways. My only point is that not every kickstarter is a scam.

DoublePlusGoodGames1106d ago

I have put my money behind half a dozen Kickstarters and the below video sums up my feelings.

That said, as soon as I saw the video for the Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter, I threw my money at it again. 7th time's the charm, right?

INTOmyMOUTH1105d ago

Nice vid. May be concerned with the bloody tissues in Basket but otherwise cute.

TheCagyDies1106d ago

So far, I only did Bloodstained

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