Nintendo's E3: Disaster Hardcore in Crisis?

"After Nintendo's relatively uneventful 2007 E3, which saw the unveiling of Wii Fit with the Balance Board, and Mario Kart with the Wii Wheel, the Nintendo faithful were ready for a decidedly more hardcore event this year. Whisperings of Pikmin, Kid Icarus and even a potential new Zelda were rife, so expectations were as usual sky high. The unveiling of MotionPlus a day before the conference seemed to give even more creedence to the theory that a new Zelda would be demoed at the conference demonstrating 1:1 sword play. July 15th dawned, Cammie Dunaway threw her virtual dog a frisbee, Miyamoto flailed ineffectually, and rest as they say is history…"

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ChickeyCantor3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

He makes 2 good points:
1: Some part of the Media belong to the hardcore so that could have been a wrong move from Nintendo.
2: There are games coming, its just Nintendo not opening their mouths.
However i do remember Iwata say in an interview that if they announce stuff to early you get really tired of it eventually.( thats whay they believe )So they never say much about their future projects.

But i honestly dont think they are being any different.( with delivering the games we all know)

solsub3802d ago

I hope you're right. I have a lot of respect for Nintendo but I can say that this year's E3 was a disaster for them.

Well, that may not be saying much since E3 '08 sucked some major balls.

CViper3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

agreed that the E3 showing had absolutely no effect on sales, both hardware and software. Hardcore gamers that only play the wii by themselves disagree of course.

NPD is even further evidence of that FACT.

People love to hate the wii, its utterly retarded. "HARDCORE" gaming doesn't exist as a demographic. Therre is no set age group, habits, sex, no traits what so ever that separate a hardcore gamer, from a soccer mom. People can pretend there are, but then those same people pretend that Nintendogs didn't sell over 15 million copies.

Why would a company persue "Hardcore" gamers, when the G-General audience brings in way more money than the dudes that love the same shooter over and over ever will?

Lets guess who comes in #1 at the end of this year. It wont be Microsoft, and it wont be Sony.

I don't even own a Wii. But I get why they are successful, you can't help but admire Nintendo as well for bringing GAMING to all generations of people. Thats the f`ing point. Not which games are "hardcore." Hell, all of the "hardcore" games are outsold be Nintendo wii or ds titles. And we don't even have to talk about hardware do we?

Nintendo is the only console this gen that is strictly about FUN and GAMES, not animosity towards other companies, or malicious comments or campaigns. All of their games reviewed could be called flops. Yet they sell more than jesus. Shows you how important reviews really are don't it?

TruthbeTold3802d ago all comes back to the Nintendo approach, which grows more and more bold each year. Focus on the new people whom they don't already have hooks in their mouths. Tell the die hards what to think. (Animal Crossing is the hardcore game they've been waiting for). And finally, America gets the crap announcements. Save the good stuff for the TGS. I love Nintendo, and have been with them through thick and thin, but alot of the time it really feels like they are telling me to go F*ck off.

ChickeyCantor3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Even though if it does not affect Sales, im talking about Nintendo's "idea" behind it.

If Nintendo really wants to use this E3 because of the Media they should consider the fact that some media people are also "core" gamers.

And even if it does not affect sales at least the word gets out.

But they did say that E3 is not the E3 we used to know.
E3 was disapointing but what do you expect if they are not going to use E3 for "core" gamers.
Hope they use other Expo's for "core" games.
Else its really a "f*ck off" sign( but i doubt that...)

xplosneer3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Wow. Do you have stock invested in Nintendo or something? Then disregard this. Because I don't really care how many copies of a game are sold. Are you enjoying it? That's all that matters. And I might add, I'm not.

Smacktard3802d ago

hurr durr the amount of copies a game sells is obviously indicative of it's quality. carnival games sold more than okami, so it's obviously better. durrrrr

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MasterOne3802d ago


The people at Nintendo only care about seeing a whole bunch of hardware and their own first party games to casual gamers. That is their market. They can not compete with Sony or MS in the Hard Core Market. Face it.

They got away with selling Gamecubes with a new controller. They went after the market that did not know any better.

Allowen3802d ago

I preaty much liked the Nintendo Ds even when the PSP is uberer hardware but the Nintendo Wii I disliked it from the botton of my Soul.

The problem of the Nintendo Wii is the lack of games and realy innovations in terms of high end is the qoest vidego game I ever bought in thers mof good games and I play vgs since original Nes and Master System.

Nintendo can launch now new Zelda,Metroid or what ever , I will not change my mind but will also not sell my wii for the price of a banana.For every one uber Nintendo wii I have fifhteen on PS3.

Even my nieces and her cousins, all kids bettewn 8-15, preffered Sony PS3 or even Xbox360 over the Wii.This happened because these wii games are way too easy and the replay value of the most games is horrible.

Since Nintendo more or less announced the new Zelda that will be "easier" then I am done with this company.

Once again I say, it is not about graphics, it is about challenge ,fun and replay value and for me the Xbox360 and Ps3 are way,way much,much better.

ChickeyCantor3802d ago

"accessible" =/= "EASY"

Although zelda is not getting any harder for i know most logic they used in the Zelda franchise, I'm sure of it its not going to be easier on the Gameplay part but more easier on the Interface.

For example it was easier to shoot Arrows with the IR functionality then with a controller stick.

Mayle3802d ago

nintendo has to release more games that appeal to the "hardcore" fan base unless they plan to make more and more casual systems in the upcoming generations(which would suck)

I was just disappointed because I really felt after they showed the motion plus with that god awful wii sports presentation they would show zelda or something using the device

Allowen3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

It is cool that Nintendo found a new piece of the market to win tons of cash since for now Sony and Microsoft are not a treat.

But to make dump games in graphics and challenge and replay value ANY ONE CAN MAKE, so I belive that sooner or later they will have to make a VG that makes games similar to Xbox360 at least. Sony and MS already started to make silly games and rpgs for non hardcore players and for new comers.

BEWARE NINTENDO @ You will get smashed by Microsoft and Sony in the future if you keep thinking that players hardcore or not, want to play games that requires a QI of 10.Averege people are more smart then that !

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