Eight Games We Want to See on the Vita Before It Dies

US Gamer:
With apologies to those who genuinely cherish their Vita, it seems like Sony will stop supporting the Vita sooner rather than later. So what would we like to see released on it before that happens? That's a good question.

There are plenty of games that we'd like to have on the Vita, but we've limited ourselves to eight. Our choices run the gamut from imports to ports to re-releases, all of them sharing one similar characteristic — they'd be fun to play on the road on the Vita's lovely screen. This is what we came up with.

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Xof1041d ago

A game console never dies. It just... slowly fades away.

breakpad1041d ago

no Monster Hunter ?? clueless author

mikeslemonade1041d ago

Just let it die so Sony can focus on what matters.

Immorals1041d ago

I'd say the dreamcast died. An unfair, premature death. But it happened :(

Articuno761040d ago

Or, in the case of the Dreamcast, it's shot at point-blank range.

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3-4-51040d ago

Inanimate objects don't die.

wegetsignalx1040d ago

Vita still has many releases each month. It is not dead. Stop trolling.

gangsta_red1039d ago

Having many releases and releases of interest are two different things. Having a different opinion on something doesn't mean that person is trolling.

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hazelamy1041d ago

FFXII, oh yeah, i agree 1000% with that one.

Xof1041d ago

It's all-but-confirmed, aside from Square-Enix' notorious ineptitude.

Transporter471041d ago

One of the most underestimated FF titles out there. It is an amazing game.

scark921041d ago

Please god, il buy a vita instantly

Xof1041d ago

Most of the games I want to see on (my) Vita already exist... they just haven't been localized yet.

Articuno761040d ago

What you are intersted in? I've been calling for Time Travelers to be localised because I loved the import, but there's no much demand for it because it was panned by Japanese critics. A shame really.

Xof1040d ago

Mostly the Legend of Heroes games. The localized ones are sooo far behind the Japanese series it's just silly. And the games are way too text-heavy for my Japanese skills to be sufficient.

DragoonsScaleLegends1041d ago

I hope it does get hacked so I can use emulators on it like my PSP did

donwel1041d ago

Or you could not be a cheap f*ck and buy your consoles and games.

1040d ago
barb_wire1040d ago


Nintendo's eShop says otherwise..

Plenty of NES & SNES games on there.. making money.

MeteorPanda1041d ago

l want another patapon game :<

Dammit Sony! I love my vita, hy don't you

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The story is too old to be commented.