The Best of E3

Endsights writes:

"Earlier in the week, we brought you the top four games that the staff was anticipating going into E3. Sadly, folks - E3 is now in the books.

Now that the dust has settled and we've gathered our breath from seeing so many damn games, a simple question remains: What game impressed us most?

Here are the four games we think deserve "Best of Show"."

Games honored:

Fallout 3
Fat Princess
Gears of War 2

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DarkSniper3775d ago

The best of E3 clearly came from Jack Tretton's marvelous press conference this past week. Mr. Tretton is a man of class and prestige as he once again assured Dark Sniper that Sony is sticking to their 10 year product lifecycle.

PLAYSTATION®3's commitment to decade long durability assures the gaming community that Sony will win many more E3's after this year.


Rhezin3775d ago

It pisses me off that the 360 has only like a 6 yr life cycle. I had my ps2 FOREVER and it is STILL selling. I'm gonna try and get my friends to get a ps3 because I can't lie some of the games comin out this year or next year for the ps3 look gorgeous so yah I'm no longer gonna diss on ps3. I think both consoles have an even chance despite what ps3 fanboys STILL might say. GL to both.

thewesker3775d ago

Well, the Xbox 1 had a four year :S

dannyhinote_133775d ago

Well, the Xbox 360 should, at the very least have a five year cycle. Hopefully longer, though...

MK_Red3775d ago

Fallout 3 and LBP are gods. Mirror's Edge should have been there too IMO.

dannyhinote_133775d ago

That was definitely up there as well.