Soulcalibur IV Breaks Street Part II: Gameplay Video

Youtube user yourysavior writes:

"My friend and I bought Soul Calibur IV today. Watch us play. We have a sweet match with Yoda against Ivy."

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TheHater3770d ago

I am going to pick my copy up in about 45 minutes

cp683770d ago

i love SC, loved SC3, but i am not picking up SC4 for the simple reason that they added characters that just do not belong there. Yoda and vader...i mean what the hell? For doing that i will not offer them my 70 euros.

TheHater3770d ago

yeah, a lot of people I talk too feel the same way as you. But the choose not to play as those characters, such as myself, and just play as the original SC characters that belong in the game.
Well I am about to leave, I hope the have more copy in stock

oNIXo3770d ago

I think the guys that made this video should learn how to play the game before they start making vids. It just makes me not want to play.

duarteq3770d ago

I agree, Could be a really help, check the manual or game for moves first. I sense not play good with that ones lol

DFresh3770d ago

Amazing game.
F*** the 360 version go and play the PS3.

Chuk53770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

F****** lucky bastards. i have no problem with guest characters so its all cool. I dont think th eb games near my house is gonna break the street date. I'm gonna have to wait till the 29th like an average joe
to pick up my ordered copy

spandexxking3770d ago

i hate novelty small characters in fighting games same goes for the really big chars as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.