Alex Kidd in Miracle World Modded to Become Radaxian Rumble for Sega Master System

Carl Williams writes, "The Sega Master System is one of those consoles that was better than it is perceived to be by the gaming audience. Take off the Nintendo Entertainment System colored glasses and look at the SMS with a clear head and you will see it gets a worse rap than it deserves. While the game library is, obviously, smaller than that of the Nintendo NES, it is still an interesting mix- mostly consisting of arcade ports with quite a few original action titles sprinkled in for good measure. Alex Kidd in Miracle World was Sega’s early answer to Super Mario Bros, Sega even packaged it with the Master System for a while. Thought of in high regard by many fans, Alex Kidd in Miracle World had its faults- for one, it was just so good that the sequels couldn’t really hold a candle in comparison. Homebrew ROM hackers are working on a true sequel by using the original as the base."

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