The Witcher 3 : Screenshot Comparison Between PC at 5K versus PS4 Show Surprisingly Good Result

GearNuke: "CD Project Red has done a remarkable job on the PS4 and PC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt."

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Toiletsteak1226d ago

I don't see the point in these comparisons, PC will obviously look better, the textures look better on pc and so do the shadows. In that on pic though the PS4 version looks to have more fog but that could just be due to the timing.

Hellsvacancy1226d ago

You clicked and looked so it served it's purpose

breakpad1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

why when Xone is inferior to PS4 (as always)is always PS4 vs PC and not PS4 vs Xone ??? ...the lame authors should compare consoles together not consoles with a consumer i dont care if it is on PC better , i already know that, i care which console performs better to make my purchase

Hellsvacancy1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

The PS4 version is inferior to the PC version at 4k so I don't see your point

T9001226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

PS4 version looks very good. However it cant compete with PC version with DSR.

thexmanone1226d ago

The point is to show us how weak these consoles are.
Get a PC if you want to play a game the way it is meant to be.

Lord_Sloth1226d ago

Do you have any idea how absolute few PC gamers would be capable of running this game at 5k anyways? The comparison is useless.

u got owned1226d ago

Funny how some people can't see the difference between 1080p and 4k but the do see it between 1080p and 900p when the latter is less apparent.

Army_of_Darkness1226d ago

@u got owned,
Where did you get that assumption from? I don't see anyone here saying that they can't see the difference between 4k vs. 1080p??

Anyhow, it's clear that everybody knows the ps4 version of multiplat games will be the superior version in terms of console hardware, which is probably why it's now in direct competition with the Pc instead... I personally don't see the point in these comparisons still cause most console gamers such as myself don't really care about the Pc version, otherwise I would have been gaming on pc to begin with.

u got owned1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )


Scroll down and you'll see probably more than a few.

cayleee1226d ago

@army of darkness

I would buy the PS4 version, but it costs 60usd. PC version is much cheaper.

Clunkyd1226d ago

It's really stupid comparing gaming consoles to desktop computers.

_-EDMIX-_1226d ago

"I don't see the point in these comparisons"

...I see many on here just assume this is for some battle or pissing contest.

This is to show how demanding it can be on PC compared to PS4. Its not just based on showing which one is "better" its also show by how much.

I sort need to know this as if the PS4 version looks like the PC version on high...then' I'll get the PS4 version.

Many things factor.

Do you own a gaming PC?

What GPU do you own?

Can it even play The Witcher 3 and if so at what setting?

Do you also own consoles?

All those factoring into seeing those vids. I'm getting the PS4 versions because you have no damn clue what setting I would even be playing it on if I even got it on PC.

"PC" isn't ONE DAMN THING! It varies from person to person. Your PC may not be as beast as my own PC and vice versa. Even if it again have no clue what setting I desire, I could like to max it out at 1080p, I may cut some features to play it at a higher res etc.

So seeing that Witcher 3 on consoles is around the high version on of the PC version, means something to me. Its not a case of "better" its a case of by how much? From what I've seen, for me....its not enough to buy the PC version as I would just be playing it on high on PC anyway ie the PS4, XONE setting.

and fyi, the cost of the game doesn't factor to me as you get a discount for preordering it off of PSN JUST like Steam. I'm not sure why one would even make such a choice based on a few bucks....

livininsin1226d ago

The PC pics aren't 5k, they are only 2560x1600 and about 1MB each. That is only a quarter of original 5k resolution and a highly compressed version of the actual screenshots which are 5120x3600 and 50MB each. You can find the real screenshots on the original website at the bottom of this article.


Ike_Broflovski1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

I like that some devs pander to the super high end and scale back.

I don't care if only <5% of PC gamers get those max settings. IDC at all. All devs should push to get the most out of the currently available high end tech all the time, then scale back to fit other things.

Seeing as PC gamers keep their library for life I'm fine that in 5 years time I and others will max this on a budget card in a budget rig. Meanwhile PS4s and X1s will be stagnating even worse in 5 years time than now. Maxing out high end games day one isn't a requirement for PC gaming.

Things that users like EDMIX(ed up) forget.

Console gamers forget games in just a few months and the AAA cycle repeats over and over. Game quality suffers due to this mentality that console gaming has now made. What happened to the best game ever The Order 1886? turns it it did just suck.

More devs should code for the future, not for laptop APU's.

mikeslemonade1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Edmix is right and IKE is wrong.

IKE, you are being a good consumer for fighting for more, but it's not realistic. I doubt 5% play at 4K. Look at N4G forums I think I have one of the better rigs here with my setup. And my setup would only run 4K at about 35 frames a second on ultra.

Now for 5k max settings you need two TitanX for one monitor. The PC will end being almost $3000.

Let's say you are right about the "5%", but you are most likely wrong. But let's say you are right, that 5% will not make enough revenue. Sure consoles are holding back the PC but if it weren't for consoles these devs wouldn't make enough money. It's mobile and tablet games that are holding the industry back, not consoles.

And Edmix is right, there's probably under 1000 people who play 5K. That rig would cost almost $3000 and the monitor would be $2000. The setup to play the game at 5K ultra is $5000 total. Now compare that to the 1080p PS4 screenshots for $300 something. Do the differences on the screenshots justify something that is $4700 more? The answer is "hell no" for most people.

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dRanzer1226d ago

this is not "fog".Developers have always use that trick becouse the tech limitions(draw distance)

kraenk121226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

newer games actually do have fog or stuff like air thickness/pollution. TW3 and GTA5 do for example.

UKmilitia1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

well i have been playing it for a few hours today and i dont like it.
im truly gutted and i never thought i would say this but its TOO BIG.
controls are abit clunky,fed up of running into stuff but the game is amazing.

Ashby_JC1226d ago

Which one is it..."I dont like it" or "THe game is amazing" ?

3-4-51226d ago

* Just because that car other there has 1,000 Horse Power, doesn't mean your 600 HP car sucks or is slow or "bad" or anything.

Certain people in life can only grasp....comprehend two things at the same time.

Those people try to dumb everything down into two things when in reality there is infinite variation.

I still think NES games look good so whatever.

DrRobotnik1226d ago

So true. At the end of the day you both still have a sports car. 200mil+people ddidn't care that PC was better looking then ps3/360/Wii. And 40mil and growing ps4/done/wiiu owners don't care now. These articles just make PC fanboys look alone and desperate.

Aloren1226d ago

@DrRobotnik yet it sometimes looks like when people don't care that xbox one doesn't look as good as PS4, even though the difference is marginal at best, they are the fanboys who look alone and desperate. Funny how that works.

WonderboyIII1226d ago

4 years, next gen, advanced hardware and we have same size assets between Witcher 2 and 3 and 3 is open world. GTA 5 is 60GB. GTA 4 was 14GB


Wii_nes_0071226d ago

The point is to show the graphical comparison between 1080p and 5K silly.

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Nekroo911226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Oh please..whats the point of this. Probably 0.01% of all gamers in the world can play a game like this. The monitor alone would cost 2.500 euros

NatureOfLogic_1226d ago

I always ask myself if the pc version is worth more than double the money of consoles when looking at these comparisons, the answer is always no. PC gaming will always have the best possible graphics and features but atm PC gaming performance to price scale is not worth it when compared to consoles.

T9001226d ago

You dont need a beastly PC to compete with console version. Also consoles come with hidden costs. Dont discount those.


I have a 1440p monitor and have Titan X in Sli, i could easily play the game with those graphics, this is just DSR tech.

Few years from now pretty much anyone with a mid range GPUs on PC should be able to do the same.

if you dont believe me, check the original GTX titan. When it released it was the most powerful GPU out there. Today 2 years later GTX 970 will out perform it. Its not out of the question for mid range GPUs to outperform Titan X in 2-3 years time, thus being able to play this game in DSR 1440p.

Vegamyster1226d ago

You don't need to spend double the money on a PC to compete/out perform a console, also the PC Version of the game can be bought for $38 on CDKey's.

Psychotica1226d ago

The PC wouldn't be worth double the money if all it could do was play games. Better question is to ask is the console worth half the money since all it can do it entertainment based stuff.

NoctisPendragon1226d ago


As a JRPG fan i prefer to get a PS4 than a PC for the same price , i am mostly here to play my favorite games and those are not on the PC .

iloveallgames1226d ago

Weird, I can easily build a pc that is 3x more powerful than the ps4 but only 2x the cost.

Vegamyster1226d ago


That's fine but it's a myth that you have spend a ton of a PC for it to compete with consoles which is the argument, not what games you prefer.

ABizzel11226d ago


Building a $400 - $500 PC will get you graphics equal to or better than the consoles, along with higher Anti Aliasing, textures, effects, and framerates.

Is it enough to make the console version look bad or dated in comparison. Absolutely not, and if you simply want a plug and play box, with a online network you're use to then the consoles are perfect for you as well as the majority of gamers.

PC gaming is for exclusives (which are coming to consoles in masses now), indies (again coming to consoles in masses now), and maxing games at +60fps, at high resolutions, and with max graphics. If that's not a big deal to you then a console is every bit as good and entertaining.

I played COD on PS4, and maxed it out on my PC, and the experience wasn't night and day like these fake PC gamers want you to believe.

I played The Evil Within on my PS4 and PC (30fps vs 60fps). 60fps was noticeable, but it's not that big of a deal.

For me PC gaming has become about maxing and modding my games to not only make them look beyond their original scope (Skyrim, GTA, etc...), but to also change the game with modes and features that breath new life into them (L4D, Just Cause, etc...).

Console gaming might not hit the benchmarks that a good PC can (and nowadays a 750 Ti turns any PC into a console-like gaming PC), but it's still an enjoyable and good enough experience.

Don't listen to the fake PC gamers, most of us aren't like that.

Wii_nes_0071226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

My 4K Samsung 55 in curved will upscale TW3 just fine from my PS4. Is it Tuesday yet? PS, be careful buying cheap 4k tv's, do your research. You need a 120 hz minimum to even see 4k and not every 4k tv has an upscaler.

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Grap1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

you only need 600$ for 4k monitors

reynod1226d ago

So cheaper than getting a TV lol.

VickerC1226d ago

so these include the GPU's which can handle the 4k?

reynod1226d ago


Does the 1080p Smart TV come with console too?

redey31226d ago

Does the console cost like a gtx 980 sli or even one gtx 980?

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FlameBaitGod1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Nature clearly doesn't know anything about steam sales + Mods(which consist of not just graphics but different game modes inside the game, downloadable skins, new maps, soundtracks and etc. PC doesn't have an online subscription so its easy to say you don't know math buddy.

Don\t worry I was like you when I didn't know anything about PC gaming, once you switch you always choose PC (multiplats)

Still buy consoles for exclusives tho

kingduqc1226d ago

Point is to see the difference between the pc and ps4? Honestly there is no way that I'll be playing in 5k, but if we are honest I could shell out 4k on 2 titan and a new monitor (obviously won't because it's a moot point imo). but in 3 years, probably and that has weight in what platform i but a game for.

I'll usually get it on pc for that reason, but for those who prefer consoles they can also see what they are missing and ask to themselves if 60 fps and high resolution and what ever differences the game has is worth investing or not.

jmc88881226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

While you are referencing 5k, you can get a 39" 4k for $299 30hz, or a 28" 4k 60hz for $499.

There's also a great shot that getting the 970 equivalent with the next line having stacked ram in SLI probably will give you great performance. Hell probably just one of them will probably give great performance.

Plus you can always DSR to higher resolutions, even 8k.

Khajiit861226d ago

I dont play in 4k but the 1080p 60 fps my GTX 970 gives me is much better than what my PS4 has to offer. Plus this game only cost me $28 and Arkham Knight cost me $32..... How much you paying?

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TardcoreGamer1226d ago

They are 2k(1440p) screen shots, not 5k FYI unless they are using Nvidia DSR. Source: My 1440p monitor fits the blown-up screengrabs perfectly.

tee_bag2421226d ago

I noticed this too. They are only 1440p from this source

MWH1226d ago

"Show Surprisingly Good Result" lol ok.

vergilxx31226d ago

LOL Same here people are acting like it's end of the world and it's not playable on ps4

To run this better than ps4 you need
4k monitor minimum price $599.99

And this pc price $2,008.00

while ps4 cost $375.00
I'll stick with my ps4 thanks

jmc88881226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

No, you have $299 4k 30 and $499 4k 60.

Whoops, guess the sale is over. It's back up to $339. Well they put it on sale fairly often. I've even seen it for $289. Usually they have free shipping as well. It also can do 1080p/136, 1440/80, 1800/52, and 1980/43.

Why are you linking to pre-made computers?

You can get the same parts for about half that much and spend an hour putting it together.

At least you didn't link to Alienware or else I'd have to pull out the 1/3rd the price .

vergilxx31226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

do not assume that every person on this planet know how to build a pc some people only want to play games and and they don't want to worry about buying right parts

Savsky1226d ago

I like how you picked the cheapest and most poor quality 4k monitor you could find. You're better off getting a reliable name brand 1080p monitor for that price. If you're gonna get a 4k monitor, go big or go home. Don't get cheap.

Plus, the GTX alone costs at least $550 dollars. More than the PS4 bundle by itself.

Vegamyster1226d ago


"do not assume that every person on this planet know how to build a pc some people only want to play games and and they don't want to worry about buying right parts "

That's fine and all but don't act you like its hard, there is so many tutorials on the web or just basic part lists with performance benchmarks that it shouldn't really be considered an issue anymore. A $120-$150 GTX 750 Ti can be thrown in nearly an modern pre-built PC and it will be a capable gaming machine, you don't have to break the bank.

Dark_Vendetta1226d ago

What do you expect. Running a game on 4x (!) higher resolution than a Ps4 at the same (or nearly the same) price (yeah I know that 5K is even more)? Of course it's not going to happen. But I don't get why people bring up the price every damn time. Choose the rig you can afford, and if your making some money it shouldn't even be a problem to pay 1500$ every ~ 6 years for a high end system. Sure the games are cheaper and you could bring up other benefits but for me the experience should be priority nr. 1 (if your serious about your hobby). Go with both systems, Ps4 for exclusives and PC for everything else, (it's not like you have to stick with one system and defend your chose to death) and enjoy what gaming has to offer in the best possible way.
The only two reason I get why people go console only is because they are not absolute hardcore gamer and are pleased enough with the graphical fidelity in multiplatform games, and second if people don't have that much money at once to pay for a high end PC (students etc. probably).

Adrian_v011226d ago


and third, if the PC doesn't offer them the games they want to play.

_-EDMIX-_1226d ago

I agree with you Verg, but for the sake of argument lets just say most gamers know how to build a gaming PC if they feel just. I used to teach folks how to build legit for like $5 most times for free just to show how easy it was. Its like legos.....for adults.....who game......and still play with legos.

But I agree with your over all point. The cost to build a PC to actually run Witcher 3 at that setting is crazy even at the lowest degree of 4k.

The monitor to run 4K is like $500 lol. I mean yes JMC- you have cheaper models, but if I'm going to run 4K...I want to run it right on a trusted brand.

I want this one for my build to btw lol.

But back to the point, that is just for the monitor, I'm not going to buy some debo brand like Dell or Viewsonic LMFAO! I just won't go that route. Its not about, the cheapest, fastest way to game, its about quailty. Its like saying "sure you can game on 4k for cheap...if you buy used, off brand, steal" lol.

I mean in the realest practical way to get 4K gaming.
Not in this way, way too situational way like "deals" or "sales" though I'm down for that if anything, but I'm referring to the cost outside of such things.

The build I'm looking to do is like $1200 (before the monitor) because I want a quality build.

Now...take a read at this, these guys are pros and always offer great advice to new builders. Its not what it seems in terms of price. This person wants a 4k rig, yet is missing some parts. Now THIS is why my build plan is $1200...I'm not paying for junk, I won't pay to upgrade 1 or 2 years later for any part. I want to be fully ready and have no issues down the line later on.

This person was missing windows, missing a dvd drive (I'm going bluray) missing proper cpu cooler (I don't got stock cooling) and my GPU was better and my mother board was asus not ASrock and my ram was 16gb, not 8. Going a bit minimal will hurt you a bit down the road, go for quality and don't be afraid to spend a little extra like $200 or $300 more.

I game on both and can tell anyone on this site.....its not as cheap as many claim and if you want quality, you must pay for quality, not cutting corners, seeking used, off brands etc lol.

Feel free to add me too on Steam Edmix_the_shogun just let me know your from N4G and I'll add you guys. and fyi I also own a PS4 and many consoles. I just think too many times, people misrepresent the real cost of PC gaming. It depends on what games you want to play really. Looking to game on next gen PC titles in 4k? Prepare to pay, nothing is worse then spending $800...just to realize you made some bad choices, this rig can last YEARS, you can save up to make that weeks. Pay more for quality folks! Go on toms and seek the help on builds.

Kalebninja1226d ago

I didn't know how to build a pc a month ago, so when I got money for parts I sat and watched youtube tutorials for a few hours then I built it on the weekend, it took around 5 hours. my point, no ones knows how to do anything from the get go, you gotta learn.

Khajiit861226d ago

LOL You definitely dont need 4k to run this better than PS4. 1080p and 60fps with better textures, lighting, shadow, etc on PC is much better than PS4. I got a PS4 and love it but I only have it for exclusives for a big reason.

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godblesssli1226d ago

Naturally the higher resolution gives pc a sharper look. But that's a given for any console vs pc game. So let's move past that.

There are three things I would like to see improved upon from the console version. The first is lighting. The exterior shots show little difference between console vs pc. The sun rays look about the same.

Second is the draw distance. This is where I'm most disappointed. There is almost no difference. Of course the higher resolution gives a bump, but in a game like skyrim, trees popped in way further out than in consoles.

Where I see the most improvement is shadowing and AO. The interior scenes have a much richer and deep look. Interior locations will really shine on pc.

Now I must be fair in that the game looks nice regardless. Perhaps CD Project did the greatest optimization ever for consoles, which explains how close to pc it looks. But if you have a 1080p monitor, even if you have something like a 980 gpu, I'm sorry to say you wasted your money vs a console.

In open world games it's all about lighting and draw distance. Sadly I'm not as impressed as I hoped.
That being said, I'm still going to buy the game and play the shit out of it, haha

reynod1226d ago

Well my CPU and Motherboard are from 2009. I5 750 oced to 4.5ghz

The only thing i bought for my PC this gen is a GTX 980. Cost me about the price of a console, yet can play all my old games and plays new games better than console. So how is that a bad decision?

jmc88881226d ago

I don't know why people disagree.

You can take a PC you bought in 2009, upgrade it for the cost of a PS4, and get far better performance.

If you buy a computer now, you'll be able to do the same thing in a few years, and hell I bet you could do the same thing with a 1080 or 1180 and while not being optimal, you will still see a good increase.

People just don't understand that a 5 year old PC with upgraded ram and GPU will propel you past a PS4 easily and rather cheaply.

A PS4 is still great, but people have options, and those that have a halfway decent PC have some very good ones.

T9001226d ago

Well current gen consoles are loaded with APUs running at 1.6ghz its not even a real desktop CPU.

An I5 running at 4.5ghz will blow the socks of any of those APUs, add a GTX 980 to the mix and you have a very decent rig on hand.

Since games are designed with consoles in mind too, PCs can last a very long time. I would think that I5 would be good for another 5 years atleast lol.