Glitches That Surprisingly Made Video Games Better

Not all glitches are bad.

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Iceball20001281d ago

Screw that I'm not going through 15 pages that take forever to load all those ads !!

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FlameBaitGod1281d ago

I was going to click then saw you say its 15 pages LOL. Your saving lives bro.

DragoonsScaleLegends1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

I think using Ad Block is good enough to combat this issue and still allow you to view the website without them making a profit.

If they have ads that don't ruin the experience of actually using the website then sure I'm fine with them but if there are more than 3 and pop ups too then that website will always get the ad block treatment from me. But if the I use the website a lot and they aren't overcrowded with ads I unblock them but websites like IGN are never getting the ads unblocked from me, it's just too many. Some of these websites N4G links to even had adult ads showing up that I sure as hell don't want popping up with family around me. Plus they make me feel like my computer is getting infected which I'm very paranoid about when I'm on certain websites.

*About the article

I had a lot of fun doing the glitches in Tony Hawk's Underground and then going online and chatting with people to learn more glitches. My first game online was one of the funnest online experience I ever had.

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itsjustexuma1281d ago

The best glitch in a game will always be from Race ‘N Chase because without that glitch Grand Theft Auto would of never been created

Agent_00_Revan1281d ago

I didn't realize it was 15 pages when I started reading. But after reading the first few, I'm glad I did. Actually an interesting read on some. Surprising, considering its from gamingbolt.

Some of these I knew, some I didn't. I knew Team Fortress came from Quake, but didnt know the glitch that brought about the Spy class.

FlameWater1281d ago

The Gran Turismo 6 money glitch was it promotion, desperation or actual mistake?

paul-p19881279d ago

Haven't read the article (thanks Iceball, saved me some clicking lol) but my favourite has got to be W-Item from FF7. The amount of items I duplicated in that game is insane! Became a millionaire from selling X-Potions and Mega Phoenixs lol