Top 5 Things About Diablo III that Still Piss Me Off... Even 3 Years Later

COG writes - Our man David sunk in hundreds upon hundred of hours into Diablo 3 starting right on day one of release. Three years later and he still can't get over these five things that nearly made him quit playing altogether.

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Tankbusta401283d ago

I bought it day one on pc and didn't like it, I retried it when it was on sale for ps4 and didn't like it.

I think if you played Diablo 1 and 2 for hundreds of hours...d3 was always going to be lacking

ERFO1283d ago

Nearly made him quit? Hundreds and Hundreds of hours invested?

Your "nearly quit" and my "nearly quit" are vastly different.

MRBIGCAT1283d ago

I agree, at best the boss fights are underwhelming.

XXXL1283d ago

Bought the PS4 version and loved it

CLOUD19831283d ago

1. It's a garbage.

2. It's a garbage for casual WoW players.

3. It's a garbage for casual WoW players that don't give you any choice or freedom & there is zero character customization.

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