RollingSound to Roll7 - Interview [Independent By Design]

In the first of the interview excerpts that we're going to be releasing over the course of our Kickstarter campaign, we speak to Roll7 about their earlier life as RollingSound and the work they did teaching kids multimedia skills in association with local authorities throughout the UK.

The following is taken from the full (13,000 word) transcript of our interview with Roll7 - it has not been edited except those instances in which people are talking over each other.

Our Transcript Edition of Independent By Design features the entire conversation. What follows represents less than 1/13th of the whole.

To provide some context for what you're about to read... we had been discussing with Roll7 their prior history as RollingSound, a business focused on educating young people in multimedia skills - including videogame design and production.

The majority of kids that RollingSound worked with had dropped out, or been forced out, of the British education system and many of them had been put through the country's youth offender structures.

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