Microsoft Looking To Improve Xbox One's Graphics Performance, Working On GPU Optimization

Microsoft are also looking for UX designer that will develop frameworks for episodic storytelling.

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Walker1309d ago

I knew it's a gamingbolt story before i even open that link :))


I wish MS would just continue to focus on the games and the features of the box they have, instead of trying to win the resolution/fanboy war.

christocolus1309d ago

They are focusing on games and there is nothing wrong in optimizing their hardware. it benefits gamers and devs alike and besides the teams working on hardware/software aren't the same as those developing games.

BecauseImBatman1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

What indication is there they are trying to win this resolution/fanboy war ? this article is about a job listing (as pointless as it, as I've already said below). It appears to me that they are game focused with all the first party titles coming out this holiday season.

I'm a PS4 owner and I have very little to look forward to this holiday with Ratchet and Clank and Uncharted 4 being delayed. I am quite tempted to get a Xbox One this holiday because of there lineup. I'm really hoping that Uncharted Collection rumor is true cause so far MGS5 and Arkham Knight are the only things I've got pre-ordered for my PS4, which isn't a lot for the rest of the year for me. I will be getting No Man's Sky which looks amazing but there is no date on that, I fear that may get delayed till 2016 as well.

And in relation to the topic of the article it is important to keep updating and improving your tools but we don't need pointless clickbait artciles about it (it's a given that Nintendo, MS and Sony are gonna to improve their developer tools).

kakashi811309d ago

Nintendo needs to optimize their Gpu and CPU.

amiga-man1309d ago

Why is this even considered news? of course they are trying to optomise their hardware and so is every other console manufacturer, MS are not the only ones doing this.

fiveby91309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

@amiga-man. Yep that pretty much says it. No news here other than it demonstrates that MS marketing could be driving stories to counter act the widely held belief the console is less powerful. In reality I imagine MS is concentrating on many fronts on the X1 platform as is Sony. I hope they both see performance improvements. Even though I don't own an X1 I do like it that the marketplace has viable competition. It makes everyone work harder. PC and PS4 seem to offer more than enough for me at the moment.

dcbronco1309d ago

Five I don't think the marketing team has anything to do with it. Microsoft doesn't have to pretend their console is better than it has been because it is. It was designed around dx12 and that was just completed a month ago. Microsoft is still learning the ends and outs of the new API even though they are better than everyone else with it. There is a lot more to Xbox One than has been shown. It will prove to be a very capable machine.

_-EDMIX-_1309d ago

.....they can do both. "MS" isn't just one person.

Ike_Broflovski1309d ago

What a load of crock.

Time for "next gen" to come around.

PS5 and Xbox 2 anyone? 1080/60 confirmed?


miyamoto1309d ago

In other news Sony ICE Team is also optimizing the PS4 CPU & GPU as a matter of fact....

Azzanation1309d ago

Its fanboys like you who give gamers a bad name. Not everything has to be related to PS vs Xbox. MS aren't doing this because of Sony, there doing this because they want to improve there hardware. Because they actually care for there customers and want to continue with offering them the best they can.

Now on topic. I am glad MS are focusing on both CPU and GPU performances. Hopefully with Windows 10, the power usage to run the OS might be even less then it currently is, which might even spare up more performance.

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bf0007779661309d ago

after hearing these kinds of stuff a thousand times the xbox still has a bunch of games with lower res and/or fps than ps4, please work harder microsoft.

Svinya1309d ago

You need to look up the definition of "optimizing". It doesn't mean the graphics will be equal to the ps4...

_-EDMIX-_1309d ago

...that has nothing to do with MS. PS4 is stronger, thus developers will push XONE and make better on PS4....thats it.

Its developer choice. Lets say MS makes it a bit do you know developers won't just use that extra gpu power to make the XONE versions have more effects like the PS4 version?

They can make it a bit more powerful, but so can Sony and they can't really do much regarding just what developers will even do with that power.

It again has NOTHING to do with the system's power, merely the developers working on it. They don't want that setting at such a cost, its developer, engine dependent. That isn't going to change this gen, in fact its going to get worst, res didn't just go up last gen each year. As games get more demanding, clearly they will need to make sacrifices. Publishers can't just choose to lower effects, settings etc to get 1080p JUST cause some fans want the number, yet have their competition cranking out more demanding titles.

Ike_Broflovski1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

Your getting delusional EDMIX and your hemorrhaging bubbles in a big way.

You need to taker a break and relax.

They can't make the X1 or the PS4 for that matter any better. it's nearly 2 years in and it's fixed hardware. You can only optimize so much aaaaaaaaaaaaand I can't see them finding much more seeing how sluggish both OS's feel to me.

dcbronco1308d ago

People that say you can't make fixed hardware better seem to be under the impression that these consoles are 100% efficient. They aren't. They also seem to forget every generation has games get better as developers learn the custom parts. I've read that GPUs are only around 70% efficient. DX12, Vulken and the new PS4 API are a move towards 100% efficiency. Which makes fixed hardware better.

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otherZinc1309d ago


I agree completely! If it isn't GamingBolt it's DualShockers, 2 real pos sites.

Brotard1309d ago

i hate these articles, its a given. so is sony. these companies are always optimizing

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sigfredod1309d ago

Lol there is a "rumor" that they are working on ways to do GPU Optimization, something that we all know is done during all the life of any console , and they do pr staments about it? ok
tomorrow we will see the "rumor" of how they optimize the gpu on the WiiU and the alienware box and the PS4?

BecauseImBatman1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

How is this a PR statement ? It's a job listing from Microsoft's official career page, a career opportunity for an individual. You wanna be mad at someone for creating controversy, be mad at gamingbolt... there the one's reporting on this it's obvious clickbait/flamebait. Of course consoles see improved tools and SDKs as it's life cycle goes on... you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.


I didn't say it isn't news just that this isn't MS reporting on this, everyone seems to think so though. This is a pointless news article, from gamingbolt, on a job listing, Is this really that important ? who cares ? except the individuals who are looking for those job opportunities and guess what they don't go to gamingbolt or N4G looking for them.

maybelovehate1309d ago

It is still news. But I agree, not sure it is the type of news you write news about haha.

Bigpappy1309d ago

All I get from this is that they are looking to hire more people who have knowledge of optimizing graphics. I could be help for any one of their studios who may be in need of more help in this area, or they could be looking to replaced people who moved up in the company or out of the company.

There is no info there that suggest that these people will he tasked with " Improve Xbox One's Graphics Performance". It sound more like they are just required to know how to optimize using specific techniques.

BG115791309d ago

I agree with what you say.
MS is optimizing the API on the Xbone. People are giving it so much importance.
Remember when the PS3 got their API optimized over the time in other to improve performance? What happened, multi-plateformer games improved, but they still stayed being the 360's versions... Conclusion, you may improve what ever you want. The other side is also going to improve. In the end the one with the better hardware still had the advantage.
In the end none are rumours, this is just how the quality of games improve in console archetypes.

Kingscorpion711309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

How many times have I heard this from Gamingbolt lol

DragonbornZ1309d ago

You mean Gamingbolt lol :P

F0XHOUND1309d ago

But..... this isn't news, its mandatory console development. PlayStation do it. Nintendo even do it.... Xbox will certainly do it.

shotime971309d ago

I like mirosoft don't get me wrong but they fu*ked the gamer with this p.o.s called the x1. and I know I am a day one buyer. if they don't fix this next gen I will not but what ever comes after the x1.....cuz it's just to late for the xboxone the hardwhere is there and they cant change that. "mirosoft plz plz plz build a gameing console not a Netflix/movie/tv box!" or your gonna lose me for good to sony.

Priestwithgun1309d ago

Fanboyism has taken control of you, making it look like its a really bad console when both of them have their pros and cons, as gaming consoles of course(not entertainment boxes)

F0XHOUND1309d ago

..... seriously, I'm a ps4 owner and fan... but I own an Xbox too and its pretty much identical to the ps4 as a gaming console. Netflix machines don't run games like the witcher 3, gears of war, quantum break, forza etc

omegaheat1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

You know damn well that you don't own an Xbox One console. Just save it.

shotime971309d ago

okay you two here's my gamer tag go look big smitty29...and all im saying is that they should have been worried about games not tv....

HaydenJameSmith1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

If you really owned an Xbox One, you'd know it's more than Netflix/TV Box and in this day and age who doesn't want there console to do as much as possible (with how much money and time your spending on it, I like as much bang for my buck) as long as it's primary focus is still gaming (which the X1 is), the PS4 has Youtube, Netflix, Plex media, Spotify and Sony has there own Powers show plus a Ratchet and Clank movie out next year, there just as much about media as MS and the X1. You know what the difference is MS used that as a selling point in it's initial reveal so everyone thought MS didn't have as much focus on games, they've learned from that and are fully focused on giving us games under new leadership. And the hardware differentiate is not as big as PlayStation fans like to say it is... I know, I own both.

marlinfan101309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

If you think switching to a ps4 for improved hardware will significantly change the way your games play, you're setting yourself up for some serious disappointment . I've had xbox since day one and ps4 for a year as of yesterday actually and the only factors that go into which console I'm buying a game for is whether I'll be focusing on SP or MP more. (Xbox gets mp gsmes, ps gets sp games)

I don't know why I even bothered, omega, 2 comments up is probably right

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