WorthPlaying XBLA Preview: Galaga Legions

WorthPlaying writes: "Galaga Legions was developed by the same team that made Pac-Man Championship Edition, and much like the dot-chomping fellow, this new Xbox Live Arcade iteration is a successful update to the original Galaga formula. Although the premise is still the same - you pilot a spaceship and are tasked with shooting down waves of insect-like aliens - Galaga Legions incorporates a number of additions that help modernize the title.

First of all, you can move your ship in all directions with the left thumbstick, so you're no longer restricted to moving left and right at the bottom of the screen. A dilemma is that enemies fly at you from all directions, but your ship can only shoot straight up. In the original Galaga, when you freed one of your captured ships, you gained the ability to control two ships at the same time, which doubled your firepower to … two bullets at a time."

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