Fallout 4: Was The Unofficial Confirmation Underwhelming

With the revelation that the trailer was made by a movie studio, we know that the upcoming trailer will not be indicative of the final product.

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DarkOcelet1309d ago

I am really happy it got leaked because now i know they are making Fallout 4 not TES6 which would have pissed off many fans.

Pogmathoin1308d ago

Gagging for Fallout 4, but TES 6 would not be considered a disappointment.....

DillyDilly1308d ago

A good game company would give fans both Fallout & TES

jznrpg1308d ago

They do, they just alternate them which I personally appreciate. I can play Fallout and do every single thing in it by the time TES6 comes out.

aLucidMind1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

A knowledgeable consumer would know this would hurt everyone. Their cycle tends to be that once one's DLC cycle is done, the team jumps on the other game. This is why they tend to take five years between TES games and why it's been close to five years between Fallout games. They don't have a big enough team to start on both these massive games at once. The wouldn't have been able to do with with Oblivion and Fallout 3; and they wouldn't be able to do it with TES6 and Fallout 4. Especially with the console generation being fairly new.

Working on both would severely hurt the overall products, which would hurt the consumer because they spent money on what would be another Fallout NV situation, and would hurt Bethesda's finances and their reputation. It is a no-win proposition that you're calling for.

aLucidMind1308d ago

Honestly, anybody remotely familiar with how Bethesda does things would know they would be doing Fallout 4 and not touching TES6 yet. That, among other things, made it fairly obvious they were going to announce Fallout 4 despite it being mainly speculative.

BongSmack1308d ago

I just want to point out Fallout 3 came out almost 7 years ago. If you're referring to New Vegas, it should be noted that Bethesda wasn't part of that games development.

aLucidMind1308d ago

It released in 2008, Skyrim released three years later. Obviously they had to devote more time on Skyrim due to the PS3 having issues with getting the DLCs, which put them a year behind. We're right around the time when they would have typically announced it, the four-year mark is barely passed.

IVanSpinal1308d ago

I liked more Morrowind because of the exploration, you can choose any house as your house, because there are no invincible NPC's & because you have more freedom to get Story artifacts without following the missions.

Oblivion: The combat and the graphics are very good. Also the number of different enemies. I dont liked that many artifacts where blocked because you have to complete a mission & the invincible NPC's. Still great game.

Skyrim: All the Artifacts are blocked, few different enemies(always bears, ancient deads & dragons), the combat is clunky, no Oblivion's Gate(or something like that). Average game.

But Fallout 4 has more potential

-Foxtrot1308d ago

I'm sort of happy but once I know it's going to be a single player game then I'll be set.

I did the same with Skyrim, I couldn't get hyped until I knew 100% it was single player.

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Godmars2901308d ago

If you only expect every game announcement, especially unofficial ones, to set off fireworks you're only going to be disappointed.

wakeNbake1308d ago

Most likely a prerendered CGI trailer with no gameplay at all.

OB1Biker1308d ago

Or a CGI trailer AND a demo.

N0TaB0T1308d ago

If you're generally hard to please....

Spotie1308d ago

How whelming should an unofficial confirmation be?

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