Voodoo Extreme: Left 4 Dead Hands-on

The key to success in Left 4 Dead is that you need to stay together and communicate what you're doing. Voice communication is almost a must in a game like this. The perfect play setting would be in a LAN gaming center or Internet café but internet based VOIP is fine too. Besides that, friendly fire is always on, so make sure not to kill your teammates. The Infected don't need the help. Honest. Gameplay is very basic. But in a good way. If you have ever played Counter-Strike you'll feel right at home. You have your basic FPS controls and then an action button. The action button will help resuscitate downed team members, perform simple objective related tasks, and other stuff like that. The inventory system is pretty easy to use too. Just scroll through your mouse wheel to select an object; like a med kit, hold it down until the bar finishes loading, and bingo! All set.

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RebornSpy3799d ago

Ever since last E3 I've been anticipating this game, and now it is finally almost here. As a Valve game, I know it will be good. The only problem is that it comes out right after GeOW2, which I am anticipating more. Maybe I'll just wait until the holidays.

thewhoopimen3799d ago

I think they need to mocap the zombies. Resistance 2 is using it to great effect with the hordes. The reason i loved 28 weeks and later were because of the panic rush of zombies. If valve just added this small detail, they could take it to the next level.