Destiny players are already exploiting Bungie’s latest update

Bungie’s latest Destiny patch, which rolled out last night in preparation for the upcoming House of Wolves expansion, included many welcome changes, such as the re-introduction of the Queen’s Emissary Bounties and a variety of fixes across the game.

As with many Destiny patches, however, it hasn’t taken players all that long to discover a potentially game-changing glitch in the system.

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WCxAlchemist1248d ago ShowReplies(2)
OmegaShen1248d ago

This isn't a shock, you just open the chest, leave and come back. An reloot, it can be done for all chest (not gold).

FamilyGuy1248d ago

They'll probably shrink the search time. Once the Queen's Emissary leaves will this event even still exist?

Jmanzare1248d ago

Wouldn't be a proper destiny thread without some doushe posting the generic "I can't believe people still play this game" comment

kayoss1248d ago

Can't believe people still play this game. There u go buddy.

kayoss1248d ago

Why do I get disagree for giving him what he asked for?

FamilyGuy1248d ago

Because the very first comment already gave him what he asked for

Stapleface1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

All about those treasure keys. 3 today, thank you Rngesus, I'd say you don't hate me anymore but I'll decide that when I actually get something from them.

xHeavYx1248d ago

My friend got a key, left the area, came back to the same chest and got another key. I've played 6 hours total and only have 1 key.

Allsystemgamer1248d ago

The RNG drives me mad. My friend got 3 gjallarhorn in one raid. Then a mythoclast. Then an icebreaker.

I got shards 3 consequctive raids in a row.

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