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Never trust a Drengin. That’s what I’ve learnt from my time with Stardock’s excellent Galactic Civilizations 3. They’ll screw you every time.

I tried. Honestly, I gave them every chance. After all, my expansive Krynn Empire was a bastion of enlightenment and spiritual purity. At least on the surface. Behind the scenes my diplomats and spies held a noose around the neck of the galaxy, assuring my dominance of the United Planets (a kind of galactic U.N), and spreading my influence ever further through cultural treaties, propaganda stations, and good old-fashioned bribery. Though the reach of the Krynn was awe-inspiring, the troublesome, warlike Drengin were settled in a distant cluster of stars, far enough away that they thought they could defy me openly by raiding my bustling trade routes, and attacking my vulnerable allies and protectorates. Including some short-tempered space squirrels that I was really rather fond of. This would not stand.

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