Indie Game Promotion on Xbox One Has to Change

With the dawning of Xbox One, Xbox Live Arcade went out of the window. All games are treated the same way, as is Microsoft's want. Indie titles get to fight it out with full price releases in the Xbox One Games Store. That needs to change.

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PistolsAtDawn1257d ago

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the timing for this is odd...esp considering all the indie titles that have been getting announced lately...then showing up on the console in a matter of weeks.

KMxRetro1256d ago

Yes, but that's the point. The article details exactly why that is a problem.

Volkama1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Really disagree. You can say Microsoft are behind the competition in terms of support for indies, but the ones that do release get a really good deal on promotion. The author says himself, one if his primary recommended games is an indie title and there were others highlighted as new releases or whatever. They even get time on the new weekly videos.

Compare that to xbox live indie corner. Cordoned off into an area nobody cares to look.

Xbox live arcade wasn't the indie platform on 360. A game had to have a publisher to get there, it was a base requirement. It was a curated area fr cheaper games.

The author is arguing for pretty big steps backwards. I do agree that the store tiles are a mess though. The list of best sellers is always filled with whatever is free at the time, and too often you see multiple editions of a title hogging the "coming soon" stuff.

fathertime19801256d ago

People complained about 360 layout, now it's xones layout... Not going to please everyone. All games are treated equally this time so now that's no good either. Could it be better yes, could it be worse YES! Does it really make a difference to the consumers... Nope not really. So unless the developers are complaining and I can personally find the games relatively easy, then I don't care.
More over I'd rather see an update to the store in a meaningful way. Genre search, developer/publisher search.. Something that will make looking back for a game I passed on easier than scrolling through hundreds of games after a few more years go by. Now that would be a hair ripping out experience!

Jmanzare1256d ago

I like the way it is.. It's the segregation that was the problem with indies and arcade on the 360 and now on the xb1 it's a problem that all games are together? It's good how it is new games indie or AAA all get the same treatment