Gamers Universe Preview: Infinite Undiscovery

Gamers Universe writes: "With a slightly nonsensical non-sequitur of a name like Infinite Undiscovery (IU), you probably already know it's going to be a JRPG before you've even laid eyes on a single screenshot. Congratulations, it IS a JRPG! Have a cream bun as a prize, you clever people!

Yes, Microsoft is steadfastly and stubbornly continuing with its efforts to woo Japanese gamers and JRPG fans 360-wards with big titles from the software powerhouse that is Square-Enix. Along with games like Last Remnant and Star Ocean 4 heading for the box that Japan just doesn't seem to care for, Infinite Undiscovery is one part of Tri-Ace's contribution to the Squenix trinity that 360 owners have to look forward to."

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whoknew3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

It's not just the Japanese gamers their going after with this, although it mainly is for their benefit. MS know there is a lot of love in Europe $ North America for JRPG'S.

Also, I think it will take a lot more than games like these in Japan to "woo" them. No matter how good it is.

La Chance3770d ago

People on N4G act like Jpan is the only reion to apreciate JRPGS.
Here in EU theres a lot of love for JRPGS too but I dont know what makes them act like Japan is everything when it comes to JRPGS.

Japan is capital of course but a JRPG can still have good sales even if weak in Japan.

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