Rocket League (PS4) - Beta Impressions - WTN

We spent some intense, sweaty time with the Rocket League closed beta, and have some early impressions to share. What seemed like a straightforward minigame at first turned out to be an easy to learn, difficult to master sports game requiring equal parts tenacity and finesse. Spoiler alert: we love this game!

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SynGamer1285d ago

Absolutely loving this game right now. Controls are great, and overall, it's a simple game with plenty of strategy. Can't wait until it's released!

sonic9891285d ago

addicting game i am loving the beta so far great game

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1285d ago

I thought it was fun but it's not really something I would spend alot of time with.

darkmirror1285d ago

So much fun especially if you have someone else to play with.

Qrphe1285d ago

For some reason it feels a lot better than Super Acrobatic and here I thought it was just a port

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