Top 5 Upcoming XBOX One Games

GamerBolt: "Despite being almost halfway through the year, there are still a number of XBOX One games we should await the release of with some degree of glee and expectation. Here are five to get you going."

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Kribwalker1281d ago


Tomb raider
Fable legends
All but confirmed gears remaster
Secret Rare game

Need I go on for games not on this clickbait "list" from this terrible website?

remixx1161281d ago

Ugh that list just gave me dyslexia, is this a troll attempt?

Where's the scale bound, Crack down or phantom dust??

They just grabbed an exclusive and mixed in a couple multiplats........oh its gamerbolt.

jb2271281d ago

All 3 of those are 2016 releases at the earliest, seems like the article was poorly worded as it should've said upcoming Xbox titles from 2015, which is what the lead in alluded to.

Trekster_Gamer1281d ago

Halo 5....
Going to be so good is needs the #1 & 2 spot... so...
Halo 5

Forza 6
Gears of War
Tomb Raiders
Quantum Break

I know it is not exclusive but even so...
Star Wars Battlefront

Kingdomcome2471281d ago

I'm sorry, but Lego Jurassic World? Rockband 4? Where's ROTTR? Forza 6? Fable Legends? There's no point in making these lists if you're simply going to name multiplats. Might as well just say, "Top five upcoming games." Even then this is a poor list.