PlayStation's Godzilla Gets Intense New Trailer Showcasing Monsters

Bandai Namco have just released a new English trailer for the upcoming PS4/PS3 Godzilla game.

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OUROSMAG1227d ago

Many will mock this title, but that fan base is rather large. It'll be interesting to see how this game performs.

Bigpappy1227d ago

Looks like I wasn't the only one who saw stiff, unappealing gameplay. They need to lively up the combat some more, with things like power slams and power punches. Some gore, speed and damage to these huge monsters may also help make it more appealing. As it is, may be a few kids and Godzilla fanatics may pick it up. But I and predicting a commercial failure unfortunately.

ironfist921227d ago

Am I the only one who thinks this looks like a terribly outdated PS3 game? Graphically it looks horrible, especially for a PS4 game.

johndoe112111227d ago

It doesn't look last gen but at the same time it doesn't look current gen, however the game play looks very interesting to me. I think this would be crazy fun to play online. This may be a day one purchase for me.

SweatyFlorida1227d ago

Well just because it's on PS4 doesn't mean the graphics are gonna be good or on par with other games on the same system. I imagine this was a small project by the developers, if not small purposely then small forcefully due to budgets/staff/time.

Expecting some amazing graphics for a godzilla game of all games is exactly the kind of poisoning AAA has brought to the industry. Where even a game like this or indie gets the "that doesn't look like a ps4 game!" treatment.

Now if you said gameplay wasn't modern or anything special, that argument would hold some weight.

ironfist921227d ago

Ive seen indie games with a handful of developers produce better graphics

sigfredod1227d ago

This is not an AAA game, their intention was never that, the want to make a game from a B movie and want that same look on this game, i love how the nailed the guy in a rubber suit look on the monsters, and the cardbox buldings beign destroyed, is a macht with the cult movies

Apex131227d ago

Long and short is it looks and plays terrible. It's a game that seems to have come out of nowhere and has and no press... I can see why!