EA Isn't Evil, Just Misunderstood

Ripten writes:

Every time EA pops up in the news, there is always this negative vibe that goes along with it. It's not fair, I say. Yes, EA is a giant corporation that only cares about how much money they can make… but that isn't any different than any other company out there, video game or otherwise. People complain that EA is a monopoly, or that they're soon going to be, and their power leads to a lack of innovation in the video game industry. I say, it's not their fault, it's yours.

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Twizlex3799d ago

Ha ha ha, that Peter Moore pic is great!

zapass3799d ago

much better than the attached boring rant.

no monopolies left behind

La Chance3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

I think I would manage the firm the way they are doing right now.
My firms business and financial , commercial health and prosperity is more important than the feelings of a bunch of gamers on forums.

99% of the people who own cosoles dont have a problem with EA.They get their yearly version of FIFA , Need for Speed and they're happy.Thye dont ask for more.

EA as a company is just doing great.i bet alot of other companies would want to be in their position right now.
Anyway looks lie Capcom is "EA -ing" itself this gen and I bet Square wil probably be next amongst others.

Twizlex3799d ago

99% of people don't have a problem with EA? I beg to differ. I think most people DO have a problem with EA, they just don't care enough to stop buying EA's games. Hypocritical, maybe, but I still shop at Walmart even though don't like it.

KobeT243799d ago


Its obvious you didnt read the article.

Theres no reason to hate EA, and even if you do why do hate them? Because all they care about is money? Well then stop buying their games. You cant stop buying their games? Well then maybe thats what a gaming company is supposed to do. Sell games.

I dont get what all the fuss about hating EA is, I see it here on N4G too. Thanks to them I get my dose of Madden every year, which surprisingly after 10+years is still fresh.

fermcr3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Only fanbabies have problems with EA. If you like the game buy it, simple as that. If you don't like the game, don't buy it. Before games coming out, you already have a general idea how the game is from reviews and previews. Many people buy the game, knowing it sucks, but they buy it, then come to forums and start wining and crying about it. They feel the need to buy the suckie games, then complain about it.

Jinxstar3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

I dunno. I like BF Bad Company and Burnout Paradise. I am looking forward to mirrors edge, Dead Space and many others... EA sports I don't much like but a lot of their more main stream story games ain't too bad IMHO.

littletad3799d ago

Twiz is the one who submitted the article...

Mr_Showtime13799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

I wouldnt say that its more important than people feelings on forums, cause thier the people buying the games and once those people stop buying their games, Ea start to loose their "business and financial , commercial health and prosperity"

EA have both the talent and resources to make good games all the time, yet they choose to do yearly churnouts of the same game, they should maybe follow thier burnout policy a bit more in the future, release a solid game, continue to support through DLC, then after 18 months or so release a new game.

sak5003799d ago

I HEART EA for giving us pc gamers and 360 gamers great games like battlefield series on pc and now on consoles as well as burnout, Fightnight and loads more. Only cry babies dont like EA.

ChampIDC3799d ago

I don't necessarily like EA, but business is business, and if a game is good, I'm going to buy it.

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Twizlex3799d ago

Let's just pray EA doesn't make its own console and only put its games on there and not other consoles. Then they truly will rule everything.

Montrealien3799d ago

been there, done that, the 3D0 did not succeed. They already tried and they know where the money is. I highly doubt that there will be another attempt at making a console.

littletad3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Something like this is said, "Imagine the things of beauty that could come about if all developers were all controlled by one powerful over-mind". Yeah, it's that scary and pathetic.


Oh yeah, I totally get the sarcasm, but it's just so chilling. Almost like that same feeling I got when Bioware was snatched up.

But it still bugs me how so far this generation the most insane dlc packs come from EA games. Buying things that are already in your game, stuff you don't even need, among others. It blows my mind people still buy this stuff.

Twizlex3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

It's funny how nobody understands that this article is sarcastic. And I'm the one somehow accused of not reading the article. Either people haven't read the whole thing on the site or they have serious reading comprehension problems.

Bubbles for you, littletad. At least someone gets it.

La Chance3799d ago

well..I see what you mean but since they realised they can come out every year with basically the same game but with a couple of improvemnts here and there and that they can make money that way , that is invest a mininmum but make a maximum amount of cash I cant really blame them for carrying on like this.

But if everyone was a EA then we gamers would be in serious trouble...

Baka-akaB3799d ago

Well i dont usually buy EA games .... but it's not like you can avoid them when ultimately they buy off your favorite devs and studios .... precisely so you would buy their stuff .

I stayed , along with a lot of people , the hell away from sports franchises , since i dont care , well EA still inserted themselves in our lives lol .

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