Will Virtual Reality Become a Staple of MMOs?

The technology that powers the forays of mmo gamers into their favorite virtual worlds becomes more powerful with each passing year. Online gaming may still follow a lot of the standard formulas of older games, but how players interact with mmos is becoming far more nuanced and intricate. In ye olden days of gaming, there was just the standard mouse and keyboard, and that was all that was needed to offer a doorway to online adventure. Now there are special keyboards created just for gaming, and the same is true for the once humble mouse. You're a total noob if your gaming paraphernalia doesn't sport more buttons and functions than a computer bank from the original Star Trek series. Gamers can now talk to one another as they game, either to hash out strategy or to taunt one another. Now the presence of virtual reality is surging into a number of online games. How prevalent will this new technology become? Will virtual reality become a staple of mmos?

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