Nintendo holding business presentation at E3 2015 - games through the holiday, 2016 teases

Nintendo has started sending out invitations for a "business presentation" that will be held at this year's E3.

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RmanX10001282d ago

This is probably where the Zelda info will come from.

Sly-Lupin1281d ago

Or their new rewards program. And/or a proper digital account system if we're very lucky. You know: stuff that wouldn't fit as well in a short video segment.

Lucreto1282d ago

It's the same time as the direct so we won't hear anything about it.

3-4-51281d ago

You will after...via leaked facts

AKR1281d ago

A usual 'behind closed doors' event for the press. Nothing out of the ordinary, but man would I like to be one of them.

swice1281d ago

I'm curious to see what their next move is

DC7771281d ago

The usual b.s. show the press games we want to see. They aren't buying anything, we are.

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