Rare amiibo Hitting Shelves in Limited Quantities Over the Next Few Days

"Heads up! Marth and a few other amiibo like Meta Knight and Ike will be hitting shelves in limited quantities over the next few days."

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Neonridr1283d ago

I hope they do this for some of the Wave 4 amiibo's in the future. I missed out on a bunch of them this time (stupid retailer exclusive ones)..

ValKilmer1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Great, now I have to spend my weekend camping in front of a Toys R Us.

I mean, I was going to anyways, but it was supposed to be for pleasure.

3-4-51283d ago

You don't HAVE to. You choose to.

WheatBread1283d ago

Most of us won't be able to get one anyway so why don't they just make more so we won't have to buy from scalpers? I refuse to pay $35-$50 for something that only costs $13.

Jag-T10001283d ago

Thank God I don't collect amiibos.

Agent_00_Revan1283d ago

I really wanted metaknight, but I'm not spending my weekend hunting for something that'll be gone in seconds. Their production level on these things sucks.

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