Cities We’d Like To See Given The ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Treatment

Stu at Sushimonster85 writes 'With Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar have given us their take on New York (Liberty City) and LA (Los Santos). Going back to their days developing games on the original PlayStation, we have also seen Rockstar’s take on London. Here we look at the five cities we’d most like to see Rockstar bring to our consoles/PC’s. We tried to look a little outside the box, mainly at locations outside the US.'

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Jalva1280d ago

New Orleans and the surrounding swamp which is home to a dangerous hillbilly clan run by Trevor's equally psychotic twin brother Woody.

annoyedgamer1279d ago

Why not go international, we have a million games featuring stereotypical "hillbillies" as enemies.

I was hoping for Singapore or Shang Hai, something like spiritual successor to Sleeping Doge since SQ Enix is too boneheaded to give us a real sequel.

1279d ago
jb2271279d ago

New Orleans would be pretty cool. I'm personally hoping for more in the way of extending games systems to logical progressions. When you are captured by cops, instead of just seeing the 'busted' screen and respawning at the pd, I'd like to see the character actually go to jail at some point & spend a portion of the game in the prison culture & working worth a group of inmates on an elaborate prison break. It would also be cool to have a persistent damage system wherein you can destroy buildings or entire city blocks that would remain in that state or in a state of reconstruction for a certain period of time. To me the locations are always great, its the game systems themselves that could use some interesting tweaking in the next installments.

thorstein1279d ago

I think we've reached the point where GTA should be similar in scope to the Fallout games.

Give me more of a geographical area. I know they kind of do that, but it could be more massive, maybe not world spanning, but a continent or country...

And, Toronto would be pretty cool.

wakeNbake1279d ago

I think the next one should have two cities with intertwining storylines one in Miami and one in New York.

annoyedgamer1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

That would be GTA IV, Liberty is NY. Chicago is begging for a GTA, especially after Watch Dogs was botched.

sushimonster851279d ago

Yeah, I'd also really love to see Rockstar's take on Chicago. Get some ties to Al Capone in there.

FITgamer1279d ago

Didn't Rock* stay they weren't replicating any other cities after GTA V?

jdaboss1279d ago

didnt you just pull that out of your a$$? Hows about you quit typing your hunches down as facts.

FITgamer1279d ago

Since when does stating a fact end with a question mark?

Germany71279d ago

Las Venturas and Vice City. I still would like another cities in another countries, like London, Paris, Tokyo.

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