Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - Update 3: $2mm, 25k backers, Diamond Loupe

Koji Igarashi:
Another day, another stretch goal obliterated like so many medusa heads! Your efforts have earned you yet another goal: Boss Rush Mode, a one-way trip through every boss in Bloodstained.

What’s great about Boss Rush mode is its versatility: You can use it as a means of torturing yourself or a way of learning how to defeat bosses faster and more efficiently without having to make your way up and down every last castle stairwell.

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xX-oldboy-Xx1286d ago

I went for the $175 tier, beyond happy it's doing so well.

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comebackkid98911285d ago

What could be in that basement?

rezzah1285d ago

I'm torn between the digital copy or the physical. The digital is cheap, but the more expensive physical copy comes with a secret boss that grants a very powerful weapon (Kickstarter exclusive).

Anyway I have enough time to decide. It is cool how there are currently many great games on kickstarter. 2 of them are PC only, but if they get a console option I'll make a pledge.

Ristul1285d ago

I went with the physical copy, probably not possible to get it after the kickstarter ends as the game will not see a physical release in stores. So basically it could become a collectors item, just a heads up if you care about stuff like that. Also, we need all the help we can get to see whats in the bottom of that Tower! ;)