Console and PC gamers expected to switch to mobile by 2020

A report carried out by an American market research company claims that by the year 2020 the majority of console and PC gamers will have switched to mobile/tablet gaming.

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SaveFerris947d ago

So home consoles are doomed again, huh?

AngelicIceDiamond947d ago

@Save Lol apparently.

In exactly 5 years from now ppl like me will make that random switch to mobile?

So all those PS4's and X1 are just future paper weights?

This doesn't add up. 2+2 still equals 4 right?

Army_of_Darkness947d ago

I can barely stand playing on a 27" computer monitor let alone a 5" phone or 10" tablet?! Mobile games haven't convinced me now and wont convince me by 2020 either.

Besides, what the hell am I gonna do with my 55" HDTV if I don't have a console connected too it?!

NiteX947d ago


How is a giant 27" monitor not big enough for you, but a mediocre 55" TV is?

mikeslemonade947d ago

Boycott mobile so he can be wrong by his lame prediction.

I scream and shout until mobile gaming dissapears.

johndoe11211947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

I'm all for switching to mobile, as long as it'll give me ps5 or ps6 graphics, 1080p/60-120fps while connected to my 60" uhdtv, has a place to insert a 100GB bluray disc (because....well...screw digital) and can accept connection with full capabilities to a ds5. As long as they can give me that, GO MOBILE.

MRMagoo123947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

Easily the most stupid article idea I have seen all year so far.........I say so far because there is always someone more stupid out there.

johndoe11211947d ago (Edited 947d ago )


"I say so far because there is always someone more stupid out there."

Exactly, we still have 7 months of polygon articles to look forward to unfortunately.

inveni0946d ago

Fire the guy who said this. He is out of touch with an entire market.

Prime157946d ago


Did you read the article? That's not really the author's opinion unless you only read the headline...

SilentNegotiator946d ago

Maybe in a few generations we will have handheld systems with new battery technology and enough power to handle whatever most developers want to create, leading to an upswing in traditional gamers playing primarily on "mobile", but in 5 years? No.

Clown_Syndr0me946d ago

Yeah in 5 years time were all gonna be bored of open-worlds, near photo-realistic graphics on our big screen, surround sound systems etc - and will all just play angry birds.

Clunkyd946d ago


LMAO, My Kitchen TV is 32"
Sorry but 27" is considered small in my book.

star_lancer946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

Sure. Who would want to game on a 65" HD screen with surround sound & a precision controller when you can have your games on a 5 inch mobile screen?

Dee_91946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

i think this is satire.

I do play on my phone a lot, but completely switching? completely idiotic assessment.

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lelo2play947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

"Console and PC gamers expected to switch to mobile by 2020"

Not me. I can't stand playing on a mobile for too long. I play quick games like Dots, Sodoku, etc, for 10-15 min on a mobile... and that's it.
Playing a RPG/FPS on a 5" screen? NO THANKS (and this also goes for Vita and 3DS games).

_-EDMIX-_947d ago

Agreed. What many of those analyst fail to realize is that the increasing of mobile doesn't mean the decrease of PC or console...

Thats just the dumbest thing I've heard in a long, long time.

...we can game on many things folks.

Tetsujin947d ago

Mobile to me is the original Game Boy, Game Gear, Vita, 3DS, etc. There's certain experiences a smart phone can't replicate that the hand held systems can.

wakeNbake947d ago

Touch Screen slot machines are NOT the future of real gaming and never will be. Mobile is primarily for casuals who wouldnt spend more than 5$ on a game which is why the vast majority of mobile games are cheap, dlc ridden horseshit with the depth of a puddle.

Insomnia_84947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

Whoever wrote this was probably born 15 to 20 years ago and started gaming on his/her mother's phone at the age of 10 or something lol

Edit: I just checked the writer's profile in that website and found this: "When he’s not suffering from mild states of delusion..." LMFAO! I'm not even joking, check for yourselves!

_-EDMIX-_947d ago

LOL! Agreed. The same youngins that think "remasters" are new to gaming and that GOTY editions are a new trend. The lolz.

Bionic_Simba947d ago

Should maybe try reading the article too; I'm not the one saying PC and console gamers will switch, merely reporting on research which claims that to be the case. In fact, I end the article by saying that those findings are wholly inaccurate and PC and console gaming is unlikely to be going anywhere for a long,long time.

Prime157946d ago


I was just about to tell people to read and especial finish the article...

then I realize you didn't even read it! /s ^.^

But n4g isn't about reading comprehension.

Bionic_Simba946d ago

@Prime Yeah I think the headline is about the only thing most people read judging by some of the comments.

rainslacker946d ago

Generally when reporting on a claim, it's best to add the line, "According to analyst", or some such thing. This clarifies it as a report, and not an opinion piece, and given the topic, probably wouldn't change he hit ratio....may even improve it since when I see that headline, it just looks like flamebait.

Also solves the problem of people shooting the messenger...somewhat.

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LackTrue4K947d ago

The day that happens

My balls drop off

TheSaint947d ago

Do they drop off on your sisters back?

3-4-5947d ago

Whoever expects this switch is not smart.

* People who have ties to the media + mobile gaming are trying to push people into mobile gaming by making everyone think it's " the new thing"....

Just resist and they will go away eventually and try and scam somebody else.

* Like a Snake Oil Salesman.....Call them out on their BS and they will have to move on to the next town.

xActionBasturdx947d ago

I'm sorry but nothing beats the big screen...just cant see myself having a cellphone a primary gaming outlet...It doesn't even sound right

MRMagoo123947d ago

I cant even play emulators like the snes and mega drive on my samsung note 3 and that screen is huge by phone standards, there is more chance on me giving up gaming for good than going all mobile.

TheSaint947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

Lol, very little chance of me going full re... sorry, mobile.

yellowgerbil947d ago

No way consoles will go anywhere, mobile on the other hand. In 5 years it probably will be just an earpiece and contact lens or something and be even less fun to game on than it already is

Aceman18947d ago

I will never switch to mobile gaming.

NuggetsOfGod947d ago

lol consoles doomed? they said console and PC was doomed and console gamers said pc was doomed lol

pc still going strong.

if consoles were doomed? meh.

good opportunity to stop paying for multiplayer.

Ravenheartzero947d ago

Aww do you have to do extra paper rounds to afford the £3.30 a month?

Spartacus10946d ago

You waited 2 years to play GTA then got banned for modding.

Steam wanted you to pay for mods.

The witcher 3 hardly looks better than the PS4 version.

yep... PC is going strong.

rainslacker946d ago

Consoles have been doomed since the Atari days. I remember reading these same kinds of articles as a kid 25-30 years ago. PC's have been thrown into the bunch since the uptick in mobile gaming about 10 years ago.

SheenuTheLegend947d ago

just wonder operation locker 64 players from bf4 on mobile lol.

never gonna happen

Magicite947d ago

I will rather play old console games until I die, than switch to mobile ever.
Mobile games are cheap, shallow and simply not worth any investment.

RaidensRising947d ago

I expect by 2020 mobiles will be able to stream high end pc like graphics to TVs and then like the Wii U go mobile. These numbers though are usually skewed given they do not differentiate between games like candy crush and full 3D experiences.

King-u-mad946d ago

Flying cars will be the new norm by 2020 also :P

TrollsBringer946d ago

I think a better title would be "Console and PC developers expected to switch to mobile by 2020"

That's more believable.

VealParmHero946d ago

I'm actually all for articles like this. I could always use a good laugh.

I wonder how they read my mind and know how tired I'm growing of my big screen and surround sound and accurate controls and better graphics and big triple A titles, many of which won't release for at least another year or two. These guys are really on to something here.

Do I even need to put /s at the end of this comment??

BenRage3946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

I really don't play very many tablet games. A little solitaire every now and then. I play my PS3, PC and Vita daily and plan on getting a PS4 next.

But playing devil's advocate, is it out of the realm of plausibility to connect a tablet with higher than 1080p capability to a TV and use a wireless controller to play games? I use my Nook HD Plus to watch Game of Thrones on HBO Go all the time.

If there were good games available I would use a setup like that.

rainslacker946d ago

There are quite a few mobile devices that can hook up through HDMI, and I'm sure there are apps that allow some sort of streaming.

Still doesn't change the fact that the mobile market isn't likely to change so drastically in less than 5 years time, and doesn't change the fact that millions of people aren't going to simply start ditching PC and console to play on a extremely limited mobile platform. I know hardware is improving fast in that market, but not fast enough to see that huge of a shift. Even if the hardware were available, it'd be cost prohibitive. Those high end tablets/phones don't come cheap, and that's not going to change anytime soon. Most people still buy the cheaper stuff.

InTheZoneAC946d ago

probably some bs that Konami is trying to pull to convince people of their decisions...

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kalkano947d ago

That will require the mobile games and the platform itself to be completely unrecognizable by 2020.

Agent_00_Revan947d ago

Unless my tablet parks its ass under my tv, grows an hdmi port and sprouts a controller, I dont see this happening.

kalkano947d ago

Even then, it has to play the games without melting. And, for me, has to have a physical game slot (I don't do digital). Even then, I don't see myself buying a phone powerful enough to do that.

There are SO MANY barriers to mobile...

All_Consoles947d ago

Uh, Nvidia shield tablet can already do all of that. Lol

someOnecalled947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

hmmm tablets have that that was kinda stupid to say. i go over my friends house all the time with only my shield tablet and controller. got every emulator on it from nes to n64 and ps1. got grid for streaming AAA games of today, and i can play mobile games meant for controllers.

it seams like some of yall are living in a bubble. my tablet have hdmi out. 1080p ips and the k1 chip(fastest chip on market). thats why i traded my vita in for this tablet. it only cost me $250. and when im home i can stream my pc game to my tablet.

i dont think it can replace console or dedicated rigs. but it has potential if someone wanted to. i got way more uses and fun out of my tablet than i ever got out of my vita. funny how people justify that like mobile and handheld isnt basically the same on just is more dedicated to gaming hence the controls

johndoe11211947d ago


How does Freedom wars, soul sacrifice, tearaway, monster hunter and Bravely Default play on your tablet? Seeing that it has the best chip on the market the graphics must be mind blowing.

ABizzel1947d ago


Well there are plenty of tablets that have HDMI ports and can sync a controller to them.

That being said it's the games and hardware that makes this argument pointless and stupid. The battery life is a problem, the specs are a problem, and games founded on micro transactions are a problem, and no core console or PC gamer will ever take mobile seriously until these issues are fixed and surpass home gaming which is not going to happen even decades from now let alone 5 years.

Yes there are more mobile gamers to simply because ever smartphone and tablet can be considered a gaming device, but people who buy consoles are investing in gaming far beyond what the casual $5 - $10 games a mobile gamer would pay for the entire year.

And if I had anyone at my company try to push this agenda they'd be fired immediately.

someOnecalled947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

idk but i can play steetfighter iv & vs tekken, gtaiv, the witch 1 &2, trine 2, borderlands2, darksiders 1&2, metro, dirt. dmc4, dead island, batman, dirt, alan wake, saint row. do vita play those

with out streaming i can play gta sa & vc, hearthstone, trine 2, walking dead, final fanasty, half-life, portal, minecraft, world of tanks, broken age, game of thrones, valiant hearts, joe danger. knight of the old republic, nba jam, arma tactics, shadowrun.

seems like yall are living in the the pass and yes it is mind blowing seeing how i could go on forever. especially since nvidia is going to ramp up the streaming functions and add more games like the witcher 3. remember i said mobile games need better game design i know theres bad games but im not going act like its not potential and shun it. its a reason i trade my vita in for this it do more and have more access to game i can go from playing a shadowrun and great rpg then go to play the witch 2 being streamed on wifi. if i wanted i could play emulators.

sooooo what your point how is that bad. yall must be playing something wrong. iu guess to make my point i have to say something about sony mobile devices and how ps now is going to work on them so yall can get the point. the thing mobile market needs is better games.

people kills me against something with potential. call themselves gamers. the trouble with mobile gaming seems like easy to fix for me. i definitely not saying it going to replace gaming systems but f up how people are bashing it. i like being able to game when im bore out and about on my phone and tablet or handheld, i guess most people and here hate it not even noticing handhelds like vita and ds are nothing but mobile device that more dedicated to gaming.

i thing the game design is the problem. some mobile games are great and there is a lot of great games ported to phones and tablet, but majority of them are shovelware in it for a quick buck or copy and paste jobs of successful games. most people and here is bashing it like they are not gamers and this can be a potential new outlet for us.

TWB947d ago

I agreed because that was funny but you dont even need a HDMI port in your device to connect it to tv. I just bought an MHL adapter for my phone that utilizes the micro USB to mirror the image to the tv. Great amount of midrange phones have a MHL support.

Still though, latency is noticeable and its not exactly simple (always) to find a compatible adapter so its not all too easy.

My phone (Z2) also allows me to directly connect a DS3/DS4 to it so I dont have to be concerned by bad controls.

Even though my phone can do all these things I cant see how I could ever migrate to mobile gaming. Its just not the same and never probably will...

rainslacker946d ago


I don't think the streaming thing is going to make PC and console gamers suddenly shift over to mobile in 5 years time...or 10-15. Heck, they've barely accepted it now, and there is a ton of cynicism surrounding it. 10-20 ears from now....maybe mobile will be used as a secondary way to do such things, much like it can be now in some cases, but I find it unlikely it will become a primary way to consume gaming media among PC and console gamers who want to see gaming keep improving on what already exists.

Here's the deal. Console/PC gamers just don't take the mobile space seriously, and the mobile space is generally not doing anything to try to be taken seriously be gamers. Apple and Google don't seem to care about making it a priority because their interest resides in revenue alone, and not the pushing of markets beyond their own.

Yes, mobile can do a lot of things, but they are bloated and extremely limited in what they can do. It's quite the paradox so let me explain.

You can run all that stuff on mobile because you either use an emulator, or you have a special build of the game from the publisher. Good enough.

But, the mobile environment...all of them, are so bloated with crapware put on there by the hardware makers and service providers that resources are tied up continuously by useless apps that people don't even know are running. On top of that, there are so many apps you can't even delete fully because those same hardware makers, or service providers feel that it is absolutely necessary to keep them on there.

iOS, Droid, and WinPhoneOS, are extremely bloated OS's that run most things on frameworks. On top of that, every app has a limited amount of resources available to them at any given time, and paging resources is the way of the game on mobile OS's, which means the game's performance simply can not be gauranteed like you would get with a console, and even with a PC in some cases.

There is no low level code, and even if you had GPU's on these devices with more power than the current mainstream PC GPU, there is absolutely no way to take advantage of it. MS may very well have the first API/OS that allows this, but Windows Phones, while one of the better phone OS's IMO, do not have the market share to push the issue at hand. Even the MS Surface can't beat out the Samsung Galaxy Droid or iPad lines in terms of market presence, despite completely abolishing both in features and function. Price is it's biggest obstacle there though.

Mobile OS's have an extremely long way to go before they match the abilities of PC Windows, Linux, or even MacOS, and since only MS seems to care about making a tablet into a actual computer in your hands, it's going to be a long time before anything happens. Apple and Google are well behind the times here...which I find ironic since MS shied away from the tablet market for a while after their first attempt failed.

Anyhow, streaming is a non-issue here. Streaming is not device dependent, and can be done anywhere. It's like saying all gaming will be done on a TV in the future because smart TV's will likely have these apps installed as standard in the next few years.

ABizzel1945d ago (Edited 945d ago )


Mobile is a great gaming platform on it's own. I play games on my phone all the time, as well as emulators. Smartphones are now reaching PS360 quality, and soon they'll be Wii U quality pound for pound at least on paper when it comes to specs (they do so much more, that they can't utilize their full processing power simply for gaming, so that's why I say on paper).

But what the headline states is a complete false fallacy, and insinuates that mobile gaming is about to kill console and PC gaming, as the go to platform, and that's just ignorant.

Console and PC gamers are gamers who are willing to invest $1,000 or more into their over a span of several years (buying the hardware, potential HDTV / monitor upgrade / games / services / etc...).

The majority of mobile gamers are looking for free games that are time wasters, and would be hard-pressed to spend $100 on mobile games in the same time span as a console (there are few who might, but the majority don't).

Now mobile is a booming business for many developers, with success stories like Angry Birds, and Candy Crush which make/made 6 / 7 figures per day at their highs.

But console and PC gamers can't find an experience on mobile equivalent to their platforms of choice. Storytelling isn't there, graphics aren't there, performance isn't there, scale isn't there, acting isn't there, gameplay and controls aren't there. All of these things can be found in the best games on console and PC, whereas mobile has to pick and choose their battles.

Mobile has come a long way, and there are so games that are 6th gen console quality (PS2/Xbox?GC/DC), with near 7th gen console graphics and performance (Wii/PS3/360/). And there are even 7th gen ports with games like The Walking Dead, Bioshock, NBA 2k, and more coming to mobile, but all of those games (except maybe The Walking Dead) are much better on console and PC with a controller / mouse, on your HDTV then with poor touch controls on a 5" screen.

Mobile gaming is big for the pick up and play genre, and free to play genres, but it will not be a console or PC replacement anytime soon, because of the hardware (which is growing fast, but it's limited by the size of the device), the battery life, and the lack of a high end development budget.


The Shield tablet is exactly what I was talking about, in my earlier post. And to all his disagrees yes the Shield "TABLET" can do all of that.

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Metallox947d ago

With GTA V and COD still selling good (games that require complex controls), with PS4 and Xbox One sales being stable, I doubt that's going to happen.

Erik7357947d ago

Will never do that until the games are not total horse sh!t.

I don't see that changing in 5 years.
But hey maybe we will start to see actual good indie games on it I don't know.

Dewitt947d ago

The only thing PC gamers and console gamers want besides faster stronger software is to be able to play to seamlessly pickup their games on the go.

Pixelart947d ago

Umm no.. I can go without gaming when I venture outside my house. When I get home I want to be able to enjoy a game in a big TV with surround sound.

madjedi947d ago

Faster stronger software? No I do not want to play skyrim on the go at 3 am. I want to sit my ass down, and enjoy games while comfortable.