Clash of the consoles

Press briefings at last week's E3 video game conference in Los Angeles claimed to make clear who's winning the console wars but so far, there's essentially a three-way tie. But some question whether the industry can sustain three hardware systems.

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Genesis53771d ago

Little Jimmy is playing with the Wii. That just sounds wrong(lol). Well as long as all 3 keep selling millions why not?

Finch3771d ago

Sure why not. Theres something for everyone! I'm glad to see all 3 going strong. Let them grow and we all grow!

wicked3771d ago

With the 3 companies battling it out and driving prices down, we as gamers win.


It doesnt really matter who finishes 'last' in a console race as long as the manufacturer still makes money and is able - from a business standpoint - to be happy with their financial position.