Vamp actor: Metal Gear Solid took storytelling and performance in gaming to a whole other level

In an interview by Fragged Nation co-hosted by YongYea and Korrupt Ronin, actor Phil LaMarr talked about playing Vamp in the Metal Gear series.

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SaveFerris982d ago

Phil LaMarr did an awesome job voicing Vamp.

Nyxus982d ago

Yeah, he created a really distinct and recognizable voice.

Big_Game_Hunters980d ago

Yup, a levl that is yet to be surpassed. That is until PP comes out.

Jalva980d ago (Edited 980d ago )

L.A. Noire and TLoU destroy MGS in terms of storytelling and performance.

Big_Game_Hunters980d ago

Sure if you have a teenagers understanding of narrative complexity. I'll give TLOU performance though. Half the budget must have gone to that. though. Direction also goes to MGS.

Number-Nine980d ago (Edited 980d ago )


LA Noire was as generic as they come.
TLoU has a nice pace and character development, but it's plot was very basic at its core.

Dirtnapstor980d ago

One of my favorite characters, wish there was more of him. It'd be sweet if somehow a younger Vamp was in TPP.
Anyone remember Phil as the hyped UPS driver on Mad TV? He's truly a versatile individual.

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DxTrixterz980d ago

He is immortal so you never know.

Agent_00_Revan980d ago

The UBS Drive was my favorite Mad Tv skits. He was awesome!

He voice acts on so many things. He's everywhere.

DEEBO980d ago

I have to agree when MGS came out for the ps1 it was like no other game I played before.

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