Square Enix E3 Conference Update

Square Enix:
In order to make everyone’s upcoming E3 experience more enjoyable, we've moved our Square Enix conference back by one hour to 10 a.m. PDT. We look forward to sharing all the exciting Square Enix updates with attendees and livestreaming fans at that time.

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Bigpappy1249d ago

That's right after MightySoft

3-4-51248d ago

* Now I get to watch Nintendo's Direct + Treehouse live, and then once that is done move over to the end portion of SE reveal which I'm assuming will have a secret reveal.

They want as many people as possible watching the end of their presentation is what it sounds like, meaning there is most likely something nice at the end.

as long as it's not mobile.

greenmiker1249d ago

Thats better for us, for Square, for Nintendo, for everyone.

Summons751248d ago

They probably realized that trying to steal Nintendo's spot would result in them with less views. But like you said, good for everyone!

jcnba281248d ago

You don't mess with the Big N!

Transistor1248d ago

I would have just streamed them both. But this works better for everyone.

DualWielding1248d ago

this was a no brainer move, glad to know there are still people with common sense in the industry