What Could Nintendo's Codename NX Be Like?

IGN's Nintendo show drops their best guesses on what Nintendo's next gaming hardware could be.

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subtenko1227d ago

lol, but seriously I just hope Nintendo doesn't skip out on any potential.

Nintendo needs to have there R&D push the best graphics they can, the best designs they can, with the games in mind. And come out with more games that other types of gamers like. Nintendo has a lot of little kids playing the console, and some of us play a lot of M rated games. We'd get Nintendos console if you developed some games for us.

It's just up to them is all..I'll wait for this E3 with anticipation on any news.

3-4-51227d ago

* It won't replace two systems. Stop thinking it will.

They aren't going to exist within two markets ( handheld & console) and give that up to only compete in one market.

* Nintendo will have a new console

* Nintendo will have a new handheld

* Nintendo will have the NX.

This won't all be one thing, but 3 separate things.

* They are dominating the US handheld market.

Handheld dedicated gaming is different than Mobile game.

Dedicated Handheld games are full games, while ios games are cheap student level distraction apps.

They will dip into the distraction app market, but they are only committing so many resources to it.

* Mobile doesn't improve or offer anything new.

Handheld & Console & PC games keep getting better and more advance in terms of technology and what can be accomplished ( not that it always is accomplished).

* Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft are going to be fine for this next console and the one after and the one after.

It's going to be a while before we see it though as they specifically stated it won't be at E3.

They will have it's own Direct for it.

MrSwankSinatra1227d ago

Honestly I think this whole notion of a merger of a portable and handheld console is BS. Jose Otero is pretty much dead on, Nintendo has always been a very cost efficient company. The consoles that people consider failures sales wise like N64, GameCube have been profitable for Nintendo even though not selling many units. The tech that has to be inside this supposed "Nintendo Fusion" product is not going to be cheap.

pcz1227d ago

i hope they come with a new design. the wiiu looks so cheap and tacky, it has no design flair at all, it looks like they wanted to make it as cheap as possible.

the n64 looked amazing at the time, like the Ferrari of games consoles with a sleek nd innovative controller to match. the wiiu is completely banal in comparison.

i dont have high hopes for the design of the NX with nintendos current trend of having fists tighter than the tightest thing in the world. im expecting a plastic brick with a cd slot in the front- much like the wiiu

marloc_x1227d ago

Free form lcd screen case with a disk slot integrated. Display touch keys and change skins on the fly ;)

iplay1up21226d ago

The Wii U, won "best looking" console back when PS4/XB1 came out.

It looks great under my TV.

wonderfulmonkeyman1228d ago

They've mentioned that it's not going to completely replace the Wii U, making me believe it may be some sort of device that hooks up to the Wii U to expand its capabilities.
Given the fact that they said, long ago, that the Wii U is upgrade-able, that would make sense, and I, for one, would be interested to see such a thing...

This might be a bit simplistic, but I imagine it would function like an evolved form of the N64's Expansion Pack.

As for how it will function with the 3DS, my best guess is it will function as a way of enabling 3DS games on the Wii U by plugging the cartridges directly into the NX unit.

DeusEx-Machina1228d ago

The Wii U is upgradable? When, where and who said that?

wonderfulmonkeyman1228d ago

It was a quote that Iwata made in an article a long time ago, so it might be a bit difficult to track down.
If I find it, I'll post it here...

donwel1227d ago

The gamepad does have an expansion port, maybe the NX is a way to connect gamepad to console over a network in the same way the Vita can with PS3/4.
Either that or I've been thinking that the NX could be a 'console' in the same way that the Xperia Play was, a mobile device with it own dedicated game store supplied by Nintendo.

AJBACK2FRAG1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Ironically, maybe, Shigeru Miyamoto said in an interview on this very site that tthe Wii U is in fact upradable. Ever since Nintendo merged their handheld and home console divisions I conjectured that next generation there would be a base unit (for game download's and memory) connected a much sleeker Wii U gamepad device by cloud and internet that could go anywhere in the world. I've said here before that I think Nintendo learned something during Wii U developmen to make this happen. I also have said I believe that Nintendo is going to go to war with smart phones calling that business the final fronteir! I have also said that when you talk about Nintendo on smart phones (smart devices) you talk about millions but when you talk about Nintendo on their own smart devices you're talking billions! Some kid or guy or whatever vehemently disagreed with me but why else would Nintendo merge their two departments. I think we're startin to see the future f Nintendo! Where does Nintendo make their money more hand helds or home consoles?

OmegaShen1228d ago

So now we get Nintendo's version of the 32x.

N4g_null1227d ago

no the fx chip was a success.... star fox, pilotwings, mariokart.... Nope nintendo did addon tech justice. Heck they still support over 6 different controllers in some games.

People fear the add on idea but a console system that caters it's hardware to the gamer would be very useful if they kept both the 3ds and wiiu around also.

It would be nice if the 3rd pillar was actually their premium brand at a good price. This seems to be the last thing nintendo is missing. Many younger gamers don't remember the nintendo now you are playing with power and neither do they believe that right now.

Every one still sells to the public based on power right now even apple.

The truth is the NX could be many things right now because I'm sure nintendo is trying a lot of different ideas.

The response has been good from the dena deal and nx. the wiiu has some great games but the marketing has been derailed and neglected. Now we are starting to see why. The merging of the r and d group and a possible unifying engine, os and api would be very cool.

If nintendo goes the power route, then amd new gpus would be a great place to start. Amd also love arm chips, so does nintendo. AMD are about to merge all of their chips also.

GPU Cores / Shaders 4096
Memory 8GB Stacked HBM
Total Memory Bandwidth 640GB/S
Compute Performance 8.5TFLOP

This is the max that they could offer. If the wiiu is the affordable console then this could be the premium then you could put what ever you want in it just like the PS3 did minus the bad gpu.

So far nintendo has proven to make some pretty efficient low power consoles but I think they may want to go big this time just to dabble in that territory.

What would be interesting is then people could choose. Do you support traditional nintendo or super nintendo. It would be the nes verses the snes!

Kevlar0091228d ago

It's interesting because the DS was designed to be a 3rd pillar, alongside GameBoy and consoles. Yet we all know DS replaced Gameboy. Iwata did tout NX was going to change gaming life, and since it's not a direct WiiU successor it could be anything.

In some way it will introduce a shareable infrastructure (Miyamoto has lamented how they can't easily port a game from 3DS to WiiU), my guess is NX will be a new start for Nintendo platforms, some sort of global gaming box.

It would be interesting to see Nintendo go into a more TV-PC route. A system that connects to a handheld, can be customized with chips and add-ons, and is the central hub for all your systems and profiles.

Still a year away from the reveal.

Chard1227d ago

When they said it wouldn't replace the Wii U, I imagine they meant in the same way that the DS wouldn't replace the GBA, even though it eventually did.

tontontam01227d ago

NEW NINTENDO 3DS counterpart?

superchiller1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

@ wonderfulmonkeyman: LOL no, the Wii U isn't "upgrade-able" at all, in fact the features are very meager and set in stone for the life of the console. Do you think they can "upgrade" the CPU or GPU? Add an internal HDD? Increase the amount of RAM? Upgrade the slow USB 2.0 ports to 3.0?

None of those things are going to happen. The one thing that can be upgraded is the battery in the Wii U gamepad, but its pretty sad that Nintendo put such a low-power battery in that to begin with (obviously to save money and increase profits as much as possible).

They could also conceivably increase the meager internal storage, but that would only be with flash memory, and knowing Nintendo they'd go for 64gb max, not much of an increase at all.

iplay1up21226d ago

I just googled Wii U upgrade-able, and yes it has been said it is upgradeable, but only in terms of memory, meaning external storage. In other words you can upgrade to a Hard Drive for storage.

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LifeInNZ1228d ago

Who cares. Lets just wait till they announce something more otherwise its all just pi$$ing into the wind.

Agent_hitman1228d ago

I will laugh my arse off if this NX thing will still be under powered compared to PS4 and X1 which was released in 2013.

Here's hoping that nintendo would use a mid range Radeon chip supplied by AMD and a 8GB GDDR3-5. Suffice for next 5 years of next game high definition gaming that can stand and compete withthe existing giant like Sony and Ms.

kakashi811227d ago

If it were to be released in 2017, then the gpu should be 2013 high range card.because they did exactly what you are talking about and thus the Wii U is born.

Kos-Mos1227d ago

I will continue laughing when Nintendo STILL creates the best games generation after generation while the teens(you) jumps for joy because cod, gow, me, gta, halo, destiny etc. STILL focus on graphics and not gameplay.

PS: And I'm STILL laughing since Nintendo is the most profitable gaming-compnay.

Summons751227d ago

Doesn't matter we won't see it for a few years yet.

iamnsuperman1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Well we will see it as soon as next year. They have already said more details will be shown in 2016

edit @below: But it will matter because we will know what Nintendo thinks the future is.

Summons751227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Yes, SHOWN is not RELEASED. They have also heavily hinted that WiiU will be supported with NEW games all through next year and into 2017. NX won't be out until 2017/2018 the latest. Also Nintendo normally will take a year to really promote their new system so if they show it in 2016 then 2017 will be the minimum release year. See how it's rumored to be a marriage of the home console and mobile device it could take longer to promote and get people understanding what this is and why. Personally, I'd love it if it was like the WiiU but I could take it on the go like the 3DS.

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