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There’s a lot about Mad Max to be skeptical about, but there’s plenty to be optimistic about, as well.

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ValKilmer1229d ago

Oh what a game! What a lovely game.

SmokingMonkey1229d ago

Can't wait for this and Fury Road!

Who Runs Bartertown!

ironfist921229d ago

Fury Road was AMAZING!

Hoping the game lives up to it..

re2_apocalypse1229d ago

After watching that lovely (incredible) movie last night in theaters; this definately might help my inch for more Mad Max and get me buy the game when it releases.

Bathyj1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

I just saw Fury Road last night and I was blown away. I've been worried about it ever since it was announced and I actually thought why, why just they redo everything? But my fears were set aside in the first 5 minutes. Brilliant. I have new hope for Jurassic park and terminator now.

After the initial gameplay trailer and now fury road I'm more hyped than ever for this game, maybe even more than just cause 3. I'm hoping this has GotY sleeper hit potential. I just wish they'd got Mel Gibson to do the voice.

ValKilmer1229d ago

Did the "feminism" bother you?

Bathyj1229d ago

I don't see how women escaping captivity from being breeders is feminism, but no it didn't.

ironfist921229d ago

You mean "gender equality portrayal"?

No. If it bothered anyone then theyre discriminatory.

The 10th Rider1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Yeah, I didn't really get how sex slaves escaping their captors is a stand of the 'matriarchy' overthrowing the 'patriarchy.'

I actually saw an article talking about the 'uproar' from men (I haven't seen any uproar) about it. They talked about how the movie was about the 'matriarchy' overthrowing the 'patriarchy' and even brought gamergate into it.

Feminists like that make me cringe...

Omnisonne1229d ago

Im trying to hold off on the movie until a week or so before the game's release.

Sufficed to say it is getting alot harder :(

Revolver_X_1229d ago

I wouldn't hold off. Fury Road is separate from the game. I believe the game actually takes place before Fury Road.

Fixay1229d ago

The game looked really good imo, gonna look out for a decent pre order offer and jump in

TekKing1229d ago

I prefer the original and not the garbage remake. I'll skip the game cause I know it will be just as bad.

ValKilmer1229d ago

The new movie isn't a remake, though, it's a continuation of the story.

Destiny10801229d ago

seen the movie last night it was epic

has a score of 9 on imdb

WeAreLegion1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

1) It's the 3rd film, sequentially. It is between The Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome. It is part of the story.

2) That "garbage" remake has a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes because it's freaking phenomenal. In fact, it blows away the original in every single way. The story, the acting, the action, the pacing, the music, the cinematography, and everything else are pure brilliance.

3) George Miller was finally able to put his vision on film because of today's technology. He uses as many practical effects as possible, combined with top-notch CGI that doesn't distract the eye or feel unrealistic. This is what he wanted to do all along and he was finally able to do it.

4) Go see the film. Right now.

Bathyj1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

I was really worried about this film as I said above. The great thing about the the original movies (well the first 2 anyway) was the sense of danger. The stunts were so crazy, with no CGI, just all stuntwork and it really looked like someone could get hurt at any time.

I was worried the new movie would lose all that in a sea of computer graphics, but I didnt feel that at all. The action was spectacular. So many good set pieces and carnage and everything looked like you needed a tetanus shot to touch it. Lots of real stuntwork and practical effects. The world felt dangerous.

Tom Hardy was great too which was my biggest concern, not overplaying the role into corny action hero territory, but staying the troubled man of few words.

And I loved all the little nods to the originals, like the shotgun misfiring, the music box, the sped up foot chase. The actor who played The Toecutter as the villian. Fantastic movie, and I will go and see it again before its run at the cinema is up.

Germany71229d ago

The new movie is being praised and i really want to watch it, but still i can't accept that Mel Gibson is not in the movie.

TekKing1229d ago

I couldn't care less if it was some crappy remake (what I still see it as) or a terrible sequel/prequel because either way it's still garbage.

I also couldn't care less about reviews as I've seen worse movies that have had really good reviews.

WeAreLegion1229d ago

Go see it. It's not garbage. It's a masterpiece.

Revolver_X_1229d ago

at this point you gotta suspect blind hatred like this as trolling or extreme ignorance. Either way he's wasting his time. Keep it to yourself.

Nio-Nai1229d ago

So you haven't seen it.

Don't want to see it.

And consider it garbage despite it having good reviews, and people who like the series are liking it?

Man talk about being a hardcore hipster.

re2_apocalypse1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

@Nio-Nai Yea, TekKing I'm sure is thinking he is such a bada** with his opinion right now, (It's garbage because I say its garbage, and I don't care what you think, I won't see it attitude) even though many critics and moviegoers are praising this movie on Rottentomatos, Metacritic, IMDB, etc...

I for sure, loved it alot. I want to see it again, and hope it does really well so we get another one.

He is just an immature troll, and you all show give him a negative bubble for his attitude

Bathyj1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Well you'll be missed.

At the very least, its miles better than the garbage Thunderdome. The first two are classics, but that movie sucked hard.

Its great you are passionate about your opinion but since you havent seen it (judging by your distaste for it), all you have is uninformed opinion, not educated opinion so you really should temper that passion if you dont know what youre talking about.

FalconR2891229d ago

Come on man, Thunderdome wasn't all that bad. I love all 3 Mad Max movies and I like the new one. The only dumb part about Thunderdome is when the kids come into the picture. Thunderdome is a watchable movie, its not the greatest Mad Max movie sure, but it still has its moments.

P.S. I'll be seeing you on the road skag, just like I saw the Night Rider!

Bathyj1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Thunderdome was fine for half a movie. Then the kids came. It was the equivalent of Charlie catching a saucepan in the throat. The whole movie ground to a halt.

Then we finally get a chase scene in the last 20 minutes (of a mad max movie for christsakes) and it's more comical than thrilling. And I swear they only cast Angry Anderson because he had tattoos and can scream loud.

Tina Turner finally catches him and then they just part ways because he earns her respect or some such nonsense.

Sorry, I found the whole thing ridiculous and boring. The only good thing was Thunderdome itself which has etched itself in cinema history which is quite a feat considering how bad the movie is.

Still, Nothin' a year in the tropics wouldn't fix.

Pastorfuzz1229d ago

He's just bummed because Brokeback Mountain 2 isn't out yet

EdoubleD1229d ago

Lol, hate everything man.
It's an awesome movie, a feat in it's genre. The stunts were brilliant, the cast was friggin awesome.

So shiny, so chrome

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