Castaway Paradise: A Promising, Yet Conflicted Animal Crossing Clone | Hardcore Gamer

HG: When Animal Crossing hit GameCube in 2002, it took months of my life with it. The simple experience of living in a digital coastal town, helping villagers, fishing and just existing somehow managed to be ridiculously compelling. Over the years a few other titles have attempted to utilize the Animal Crossing formula, but none have done it justice. The latest in this lineage is Castaway Paradise. The game first came to Android and iOS and just recently saw release on Steam. Its reverence to that Nintendo classic isn’t obscured in any way. Instead of trying to pass the product off as something entirely new, their tagline is “it’s like Animal Crossing!” Who said there wasn’t truth in advertising? Still, the question remains: how do the two games compare and is Castaway Paradise doing things differently or better to make the Early Access purchase worth it yet?

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